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China’s First VAR Theme Park Activity is Held at Dream Incubator of Overseas Chinese Beijing Shougang Park

Release Time:2018-11-30 14:08:36





On October 12, the two-day 2018 VSRD International VAR (virtual reality and augmented reality technologies) Theme Park Innovation Forum and Exhibition Fair was held in Dream Incubator of Overseas Chinese Beijing Shougang Park. More than 50 VR (virtual reality technology) / AR (augmented reality technology) quality enterprises from South Korea, Japan, and other countries, followed by hundreds of Chinese VAR hardware and content enterprises, real estate developers, cinemas, tourist attractions, commercial complexes, investors, etc. jointly discussed and promoted the landing and development of the new VAR theme park located in China. This is the first time for China to host a VAR theme park professional B2B business activity.

In order to ensure the smooth conduct of the fair, Shougang Dream Incubator of Overseas Chinese actively communicated with exhibitors to maximize the provision of the venue and the on-site services for all. At the same time, the Dream Incubator of Overseas Chinese also brought its advantages into hand and gathered some high-quality resources and talents through activities, in order to set up the technology transfer and talent exchange platform for the VAR industry at home and abroad; and through such international high and new technology exchange display activities, excavated the cutting-edge talents and projects to provide all kinds of resources sharing services, to enrich the introduction of the overseas projects of the Dream Incubator of Overseas Chinese.

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