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Shougang Group thoroughly implements the state’s new ideas and new requirements for the construction of ecological civilization, adhering to the people-centered approach, and the basic national policy of resource conservation and environmental protection, places energy conservation and emission reduction in a prominent strategic position, integrates all aspects of corporate development and the entire process, continues to promote green development, recycling development, low-carbon development, and speeds up the construction of a resource-saving and environment-friendly enterprise. Shougang Group actively fulfills its social responsibilities for environmental protection, enforces the green action plan in a rolling way and continuously improves the level of clean production. In 2017, the Group completed 42 environmental protection projects with a total investment of approximately RMB 1.06 billion, launched the construction of environmental responsibility reporting system and issued the “2016 Environmental Responsibility Report of Beijing Shougang Co., Ltd.”  (including Jingtang) for the first time. As the Group’s first environmental responsibility report, it played a leading role in promoting the image of a green development of the Group. In 2016, at the second US-China Climate Smart Low Carbon Cities Summit , Shougang Group and the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group  signed a certificate of approval. Shougang’s climate positive development project was formally incorporated into the C40 Climate Positive Development Program  and became China’s first and the world’s 19th global climate positive project, and the project roadmap was completed in 2017. In December 2016, Jingtang Company was awarded the 9th China Baosteel Environmental Excellence Award for Enterprises (enterprise environmental protection category)  by the Ministry of Ecology and Environment  and was hailed as a model for green transformation and development of steel enterprises. In January 2018, Shougang Qian’an Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. was awarded as an Excellent Enterprise for Environmental Protection  by the All-China Environment Federation .

In order to solve the problem that part of land contamination restricts follow-up land use development after the relocation of the old factory area of Shougang, Shougang Group has explored and established a remediation and restoration system for contaminated soil which is suitable for its own development so as to continuously improve its ability to control contaminated soil. It has completed a lot of work in areas such as investigation and assessment of existing site contamination, construction of soil contamination prevention and control system, research and application of contaminated soil repair technology, construction and operation of contaminated soil restoration projects, and contaminated soil treatment industrialization cultivation. The first large-scale steel and metallurgical industrial contaminated site remediation project was implemented at the original Beijing Shijingshan  plant site of Shougang, and the first negative pressure gas film greenhouse and a thermal desorption contaminated soil treatment line with an annual processing capacity of 180,000 tons were constructed. At the end of 2017, a total of 53,000 tons of contaminated soil in the park was restored, which has laid a solid foundation not only for the transformation and development of Shougang Group, the high-end green development and construction of the new high-end industrial comprehensive service area, but also the development of the environmental protection industry, and made active exploration and pioneering demonstrations in the field of industrial contaminated site remediation for iron and steel metallurgy relocation enterprises. The achievements of the “Shougang Group’s Exploration and Application of Soil Remediation Project Management Methods”  won the first prize for the modernization and innovation of metallurgical enterprise management.

The Group actively implements the work requirements of carbon emission permit trading pilot in Beijing, studies the carbon emission permit trading policy and the operating rules of the carbon market, firmly establishes the concept of carbon asset management, fully implements carbon trading capacity building, builds the Group’s carbon emission control system, and formulates the management system of carbon emission permit trading. As the first enterprise-level system in Beijing, it has been well received by the industry. Through the establishment of scientific and standardized carbon management processes and efficient and coordinated carbon trading mechanism guarantees, since 2013, the Group has been included in the key emission units and reporting units for the carbon emissions pilot project in Beijing, and has fully completed carbon emission reports, performance compliance, transactions and other related work to better fulfill social responsibilities in carbon reduction. At the same time, the Group actively carries out the CCER development, and has successfully developed two CCER carbon reduction projects: 150MW CCPP power generation of Shougang Qian’an Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. and biomass energy of environmental company. In 2017, the Group launched coordinated CCER transactions. It won the title of Excellent Carbon Asset Management Unit  of Beijing Environment Exchange  in 2015 and 2016. The Group actively explores the green and low-carbon development path to continue to promote the improvement of energy efficiency. In 2017, in the “Energy Saving and Consumption Reduction Competition for Key Large-scale Energy-Consumption Steel Production Equipment”  organized by China Machinery Metallurgy Building Materials Union  and China Iron and Steel Industry Association , the 7# sintering machine of Shougang Qian’an Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. won the title of “champion furnace”, and the 2# blast furnace and the 4# converter won the title of “superior furnaces”; the 1# sintering machine, 1# blast furnace, and 2# converter of Jingtang Company won the title of “superior furnaces”. Jingtang Company’s “Construction and Practice of the Intelligent Energy Management System for Metallurgical Enterprises with the Guidance of the Industry as the Goal”  won the second prize of the 24th National Enterprise Management Modernization Innovation Achievement , which greatly improves its green and low-carbon image.

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