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Shougang Contestants Won Three Championships and Four Runners-Up Awards

Release Time:2018-11-27 13:29:58

On September 19th, the “Shougang Cup” 9th National Iron and Steel Industry Vocational Skills Competition ended. Shougang contestants Zhao Manxiang, Zhang Hao and Wang Tao won the blast furnace ironmaker, crown block worker and welder championships respectively.

In this competition, Shougang contestants showed superb operation skills and good spirit, showing the overall strength and level of Shougang skilled personnel. Zhao Manxiang, a smelting engineer in the ironmaking division of Shougang Iron & Steel Co., who participated in the blast furnace ironmaking competition, won fourth place in the Enterprise Group of East Asian-Oceania Region in the “World Network Virtual Steelmaking Challenge 2011-2012”, the second prize in thesis evaluation of the ninth Metallurgical Annual Conference of China Metal Society; Zhang Hao, driver of the steelmaking operation department of Shougang Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., won third place in 2016 in the crown block worker competition of the 17th Beijing Municipal Industrial and Informatization Vocational Skills Competition, and third place in the Shougang Vocational Skills Competition in 2017, and won the title of “Shougang Technical Expert”; Wang Tao, a welder in the second class of the south engineering project department of Shougang Mining Company, won eighth place in the 2016 Beijing Welding Skills Competition and achieved good results in the 2014-2017 Shougang Vocational Skills Competition, won the title of “Shougang Technical Expert” for four consecutive years, twice won the title of “Youth Innovation Pioneer” successively, and was named “Young Craftsman” of Shougang Mining Company in 2017.

In addition, Luo Deqing from Shougang Co., Ltd. and Rong Yanming, Zhao Jianxuan and Liu Xin from Shougang Group respectively won runner-up in the blast furnace ironmaker, metal rolling worker, crown block worker and welder competitions. Zhang Yuelin of Shougang Co., Ltd. won runner-up in metal rolling worker competition. Zhang Weidong of Changgang Company won eighth place in the welder competition, Huang Yuewu of Tonghua Steel Company and Chen Yong of Changgang Company won 13th and 16th places in the crown block worker competition, and Ma Yongfang of Changgang Company and Zeng Shuigen of Shuicheng Steel Company won 16th and 20th places in the blast furnace ironmaking competition. Shougang Group won the first prize of the group award, Shougang Co., Ltd. won the “Special Contribution Award”, Tonghua Steel Company won the “Best Progressive Award”, and Zhou Dianhua of the Crown Block Worker Supervision Group won the title of “Best Supervisor”.

The award-winning Shougang contestants said that they will work hard, devote themselves selflessly, forge ahead, pursue outstanding craftsman’s spirit and character, further radiate their labor enthusiasm and creativity, and make new contributions to the development of the enterprise.

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