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Environmental Protection

 Actively responding to the requirements for piloting carbon emission trading (CET) in Beijing, the Group has studied the policies of CET and the operation rules of the carbon market, and developed a firm concept of carbon asset management. On this basis, the Group made great efforts to build its CET capability, which features the establishment of a carbon emission control system and CET management system. As Beijing’s first enterprise-level system in this regard, the Shougang Group’s CET management system has been praised throughout the steel industry. In particular, depending on its scientific and normative carbon management flow and efficient and synergetic CET mechanisms, the Shougang Group was designated as a key emitter and reporter for pilot carbon emission in Beijing in 2013. Since then, the Group has comprehensively fulfilled such required tasks as the submission of carbon emission reports, contract performance and trading, and satisfactorily performed the social responsibility of carbon emission reduction. .

 With enthusiasm for CCER (Chinese Certified Emission Reduction), the Group has successfully completed two CCER carbon emission reduction projects - the 150 MW CCPP Power Generation Project of the Qianan Iron and Steel Company and the Biomass Energy Project of Shougang Environment - thereby widening the scope of its energy conservation and carbon emissions reduction work. Furthermore, the Group actively explores green and low-carbon forms of development. The achievement of the study ‘Exploration and Practice of Carbon Emissions in the Shougang Group’ won the ‘Second Prize for Innovative Achievements of Management Modernization in Metallurgical Enterprises (2015)’. In addition, the Group was named an ‘Excellent Carbon Asset Manager 2015’ by the China Beijing Environment Exchange, which significantly highlights its ‘green’ and ‘low carbon’ image.

 For the sake of solving the difficult problem in which the subsequent utilization of land is restricted by the pollution arising from the movement of the old plant, the Shougang Group has built a polluted soil remediation system appropriate to its development through gradual exploration, continuously improved the capability of polluted soil remediation and made great efforts in the survey and assessment of site pollution, construction of a soil prevention control system, study and application of practical technologies for polluted soil remediation, development and operation of polluted soil remediation projects, and industrialization of polluted soil remediation. In the original plant in Shijingshan, the Shougang Group implemented China’s first large-scale project involving remedying sites polluted by steel making and metallurgy, and built the first negative pressure air-supported membrane greenhouse and polluted soil remediation (thermal desorption) line (treatment capacity: 180,000 t/a), thereby achieving its planned goals. This laid a firm foundation for the transformation of the Shougang Group, the high-end green development of the New Shougang High-end Industry Comprehensive Service Park and the development of the environmental industry, and played an exploring and pilot role in remedying industrial polluted land during the movement of steel-making and metallurgical enterprises. In addition, the achievement of the study ‘Exploration and Application of Administrative Measures for the Shougang Group’s Soil Remediation Projects’ won the ‘First Prize for Innovative Achievements of Management Modernization in Metallurgical Enterprises (2016)’.  


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