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A New Breakthrough Has Been Made in“Long Life Technology”regarding the Large Dry Coke Quenching Plant of Jingtang Company

Release Time:2018-12-04 13:31:06

A new breakthrough has been made in the “long life technology” of the large-scale dry coke quenching plant in the Coking Department of Jingtang Company, which has achieved the goal of “a minor repair in 2 years and a medium repair in 8 years” of 260t/h of some large dry coke quenching unit, with the direct economic benefit of about 2 million yuan per year.

With the trend of large-scale development of the dry coke quenching equipment, prolonging the service life of the dry coke quenching plant has become the goal which has been pursued by major metallurgical enterprises. The Coking Department of Jingtang Company organized technicians to carry out scientific and technological research on prolonging the service life of the dry coke quenching plant. Through numerous demonstration and practice, the department found out that “The coke floats in the ramp of the dry quenching furnace,” which is commonly known as the “floating coke”. It is the crux of affecting the service life of the coke quenching plant. In the process of tackling the key problems, they changed the original double-layer guide plate into a hanging single-layer guide plate, where there was an attachment of a layer of nitrogen-oxygen multiphase ceramic material to the plate as well as an optimization of the coefficient of expansion for different metals and its expansion amount, etc. They obtained good results after the implementation, which solved the phenomenon of the “floating coke” at one stroke, and then reduced the ratio of gas: material, to have greatly improved the production efficiency.

The serious wear of the cooling section of the dry quenching furnace also restricts the service life of the coke quenching plant. The technical personnel took measures such as adding a certain proportion of the sintering aid and improving the agent, so that the material of the cooling section has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, anti-peeling resistance, and gas corrosion resistance. Not only this, but the wear resistance has also increased by more than about two times, and thus the service life has been greatly improved. The technical staff added either asbestos or a polished lining plate when installing the lining plate, for in the view of the problem, for the deformation part of the region could not completely be consistent with the dry quenching furnace even after many years of production to ensure the accurate installation and stability of the high chromium cast iron plate. The uniformity of charging is ensured, and the heat transfer efficiency of dry coke quenching plant has greatly improved.

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