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Shougang Jingtang Company Builds the First Intelligent Logistics Warehouse

Release Time:2018-12-07 13:42:17

No. 5 Intelligent Logistics Warehouse of Shougang Jingtang Company realizes the automation and the operation that may take place without a human being and  still run stably. Up to now, the volume of the steel coils that were in and out of the warehouse reached more than 1.2 million tons, respectively.

Intelligent warehousing is an important part of the intelligent factory, including the empty crane and the intelligent storage. The main storage product of the No.5 Intelligent Logistics Depot of Jingtang Company is cold rolled steel coil, which is the first intelligent logistics warehouse of Jingtang Company. It was put into operation on March 28th of this year. During the construction of the intelligent project, the company reinvented six cranes and developed and applied eleven patent technologies. The whole project consists of the following five systems: a ground station, a vehicle management, a vehicle collision prevention, a vehicle shape recognition, and an unmanned crane control. With the characteristics and advantages of the information, intelligence, high efficiency, low cost, and a high degree of automation, the historical transformation of Jingtang Company’s finished product wharf to an intelligent logistics has been realized. 

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