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Join Effort to Build a Solid Defense Line for Shougang

Release Time:2020-03-10 09:31:44

Since the outbreak, Shougang Group Party Committee has resolutely carried out the intention of the General Secretary Xi Jinping, fully implemented the various decision-making arrangements of the CPC, the State Council, the municipal Party committee and the municipal government , meticulously organized, carefully arranged, strictly guarded against and controlled, and firmly promoted the whole Group’s epidemic prevention and control work. A leading group for the prevention and control of the epidemic, headed by Zhang Gongyan, Secretary of the Party Committee, President and General Manager of the Group, was set up immediately to take the prevention and control of the epidemic as the most important work at present, to make the ideological understanding and implementation of the work more in place, so that Shougang people would be to contribute in the war against epidemic, which is also the people’s warfare, the general and blocking battle.

Command in Front and Charge at the Front Line


Since the outbreak, Zhang Gongyan, Secretary of the Party Committee, President and General Manager of Shougang Group, and other Group leaders have visited Shougang Hospital, Crowne Plaza Beijing Zhongguancun, Shougang Institute of Technology, Xiuchi Hotel, athletes’ apartment, community clinic, commuter train waiting yard, Shougang Marketing Center, office area of the National Olympic Committee, National Winter Training Center and other key units, important parts, personnel-intensive places to inspect the epidemic prevention and control work, setting requirements around the responsibilities, taking strict and meticulous measures to ensure the prevention and control work in place.

Stand Out and Go Upstream


We are keeping our heads high and uniting our hearts, although the epidemic broke out in full fury. Peking University Shougang Hospital organized five competent medical workers to take part in the support work at the epidemic area, dispatched 12 medical workers to participate in the medical team of the reserve designated hospital for the novel coronavirus infection in Shijingshan District, and started the emergency plan for medical and health rescue of abrupt public health incident in time to ensure that the fever clinic receives patients 24-7, fully exemplifying the dedication of a state-owned enterprise.

Zhang Qin, Director of Infectious Disease Department of Shuigang General Hospital, joined the Guizhou expert group to visit the epidemic prevention and control front line in Wuhan. More than 200 medical personnel of Shuigang General Hospital took the initiative to fight the epidemic. On January 30, Shuigang General Hospital sent Vice President Zhang Min, ICU Director Xia Renhai, Deputy Director of Nursing Department Xiang Xiaohong, expert in the Hospital Infectious Disease Department Wang Ling and so on to help the Panzhou expert group to actively engage in epidemic prevention and control. The medical workers of Changgang Hospital, Guigang Hospital and Mine Hospital voluntarily gave up their holidays and devoted themselves to the epidemic prevention and control, guarding the front-line position with practical actions and protecting the health of workers and family members.

Social Responsibility of State-owned Enterprises

Shougang Environment Industry Co. Ltd. undertook in the epidemic-related medical waste disposal technology well. As the epidemic-related medical waste standby disposal unit of Shijingshan, Mentougou and Fengtai, the company arranged special personnel and vehicles for the collection, transportation, and disposal of kitchen waste of 37 medical institutions in Mentougou and Shijingshan. After the outbreak, Beijing Shougang Gas Co., Ltd., as the only state-owned enterprise with medical liquid oxygen production qualification in Beijing studied and formulated corresponding precautious measures and carried out the work and its medical liquid oxygen products were supplied to 70 hospitals, such as Peking University Shougang Hospital, Peking University Third Hospital, the PLA General Hospital, Peking Union Medical College Hospital, Beijing Friendship Hospital and China-Japan Friendship Hospital, which accounted for about 40% of the market of medical liquid oxygen products in the capital. It has ensured the unceasing demand for medical oxygen for hospitals and patients and played its part in battling against the epidemic. A majority of cadres and workers of Shougang Group displayed the spirit of fraternity and dedication, in that 187 workers volunteered to participate in blood donation

Strictest Measures for Solid Defense Line


As the park is under construction with operation superposition period, all units of Shougang Beijing Park with its complex personnel composition, many aspects and difficulties of epidemic prevention and control work, based on the worst case scenarios and maximize every precaution according to the “closure for major, isolation for minor” operation philosophy to provide a comprehensive epidemic prevention and control in the park.

The Operation Service Department of Shougang Investment Company, the Sports Company of Shougang Park, the Catering Company of Park Service Company and the Winter Training Property Department formed a working group to strengthen the internal coordination, implement the integration control of the training venue, dining, and accommodation, and strictly standardize the closure management of athletes’ apartment to guarantee the safety of the national team resident training. In view of the characteristics of hotel operation, the industrial house hotel, Xiuchi Hotel and so on in the park, the company strengthened the training for prevention and control work, enhanced the awareness of staff prevention and control, and dealt with the epidemic by measuring body temperature, consulting guests conditions, disinfecting and cleaning, and other effective measures. The Management Department of the park skillfully handle the closure of the park and strictly enforced vehicle and personnel license entry system.

All-in Fight the “Epidemic” to Ensure Continual Production


Shougang steel plate units are all-in to fight the “epidemic” to ensure ceaseless  production. In the face of the epidemic, various units of iron and steel plate have calmly responded to it and through extensive publicity, the implementation of classified management, stringent management of densely populated places and parts, strict control of personnel movement, tight prevention and control measures, strengthening of supervision and inspection and other measures, precise policy and comprehensive prevention of the epidemic, so that everyone can maintain the confidence of winning, to gather the strong joint efforts to overcome difficulties, and spare no effort to build the “Great Wall of Iron and Steel” to prevent and control the epidemic. While fighting the “epidemic”, the company worked out the impact on the normal production during the epidemic prevention and control period, focusing on organizing the production line stable production, raw fuel into the factory, spare parts procurement, product shipping and other work. While ensuring the successful epidemic prevention and control, it maintains production stability. The iron, steel, materials have exceeded the plan and all target tasks have been completed, hitting the best level in recent years. Qiangang Company made careful deployment and fine organization by opening up channels, doing everything possible to ensure the original fuel supply, spare parts procurement, product delivery and other work are all set. The company focus on improving the level of marketing management, make rapid response to market changes, and maintaining production contract organization arrangements to ensure stable production line. Jingtang Company quickly constructed a new management mode under the order of full load and large production of three blast furnaces, making possible the scientific allocation and mutual supply and complementation of hot metal, slab and other resources, which ensured the production line to run in a coordinated and efficient way. In the face of pressure from epidemic prevention and control, market changes and environment, the two major iron and steel production bases focusing on epidemic prevention and control with one line, and on operation and production with the other line, making quick response, meticulous arrangements, and doing excellently to ensure that production and operation go smoothly and the main indicators of products like iron and steel completed all target tasks.

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