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Green And Low Carbon

Shougang earnestly implements Xi Jinping’s thoughts on ecological civilization, actively practices new development concepts, vigorously carries out energy conservation and carbon reduction work, and continuously promotes the green and low-carbon development of its enterprises. Shougang self-consciously fulfills the social responsibility of a large state-owned enterprise, earnestly implements national decision-making deployments for achieving peak carbon and carbon neutrality, integrates the “dual carbon” work into the overall situation of the high-quality development of its enterprises, and makes steady and far-reaching progress on the road of low-carbon development.

● It is necessary to deeply build a green and low-carbon development pattern. The technical level of energy saving and emission reduction in the steel industry of Shougang Holding, Shougang Jingtang and Shougang Mining Corporation is at the forefront of the industry, and their large-scale equipment has won the title of “Champion Furnace” in the national key large-scale energy-consuming steel production equipment energy saving and consumption reduction benchmarking competition many times. The six units, namely Shougang Qiangang, Jingtang, Cold Rolling, Changzhi Iron and Steel, Guigang and Beijing West Heavy Industry, have built state-level green factories, and Cold Rolling has built state-level green supply chain management enterprises. In the 2022 “green” list of the steel and iron industrial chain published by the China Metallurgy Newspaper Office, Qian’an Steel and Iron, Jingtang, Cold Rolling and Changzhi Iron and Steel were rated as “Benchmark Enterprises of Green Steel Development” and Jingtang was rated as an “Excellent Green and Low-carbon Brand Enterprise” by the China Metallurgical Information and Standardization Institute.

 ● It is necessary to promote the extreme energy efficiency level. Many units such as Shougang Qiangang, Jingtang, Cold Rolling, Shuicheng Steel, Changzhi Iron and Steel, Guigang, Shougang Gases, Environment Corporation, Ecological Corporation and Beijing West Heavy Industry have established an energy management system to meet the national standard (GB/T23331), and take the Plan-Do-Check Action Cycle (PDCA) as the basic method for continuously improving the system’s operational efficiency. Shougang Holding practices the scientific concept of energy use, fully recycles the waste heat, pressure and gas generated in the production processes of its steel mills, and applies advanced and efficient low-calorific-value gas power generation technology, as well as building three gas-steam combined cycle generator units and developing a 150 MW combined cycle power plant (CCPP) unit into the first China Certified Emission Reduction project (CCER) in the domestic steel industry, with remarkable energy saving and carbon reduction demonstration effects. Jingtang has developed a high-efficiency recycling system that integrates the five effects of “combustion-heat-electricity-water-salt”, and its energy efficiency utilization rate has reached the international leading level. Shuicheng Steel has implemented a 55 MW ultra-high-temperature and ultra-high-pressure gas generator set according to the local conditions and a scientific layout, which has greatly improved the efficiency of energy resource recovery, conversion and utilization.

● It is necessary to actively promote the utilization of clean energy. Qian’an Steel and Iron, Cold Rolling, Beijing West Heavy Industry, Shougang Construction Investment and other units have actively developed and utilized renewable energy sources, and built a series of distributed photovoltaic power generation roof facilities. In particular, Cold Rolling built the largest distributed photovoltaic power generation demonstration project in Beijing at the time with an installed capacity of 8.7 MW and good energy saving and carbon reduction effects. The main steel industry units such as Shougang Holding, Jingtang, Changzhi Iron and Steel, Tonggang and Beijing Park have also actively carried out market-oriented green electricity transactions and explored new mechanisms for carbon reduction and trading; and the Mining Corporation is actively utilizing its spatial resources such as iron ore tailings ponds in waterworks to promote the construction of large-scale photovoltaic power generation demonstration projects.

● It is necessary to vigorously promote technological innovation in energy saving and carbon reduction. Jingtang has successfully applied its self-developed blast furnace high-proportion pellet smelting technology. Shougang Holding and Jingtang have implemented self-developed sintering composite injection and flue gas circulation technology, as well as high air-temperature oxygen-enriched coal injection technology for blast furnaces. Jingtang has built a fuel ethanol project with an annual output of 45,000 tons with by-product gas such as converter gas as the raw material, produced fuel ethanol products for automobiles and aviation through the microbial fermentation process, and built the first domestic CO2 recovery from lime kiln tail gas project for CO2-O2 mixed injection steelmaking, leading low carbon technological innovation in the industry.

● It is necessary to deepen the construction of the carbon emission control system. The Group has systematically studied the relevant national carbon emission policies, deeply analyzed the carbon trading mechanism and operation rules of the carbon emission permit trading pilot market in Beijing, strengthened the top-level design and formulated rules and regulations covering energy conservation and carbon reduction management measures, and carbon emission permit trading management rules. It has established and improved an efficient group carbon emission control system through process standardization, system construction and management coordination. The main steel industry units have laid a solid foundation for carbon emission management in an all-round way, and a life cycle assessment (LCA) system for steel products has been established in the steel industry. More than ten carbon-related units of the pilot market in Beijing have fully completed key tasks such as the submission of carbon emission reports and performance data, and created considerable carbon emission permit trading income. The Shougang Group has won such honors as “Excellent Carbon Asset Management Unit” of the Beijing Environmental Exchange and first prize in the “Beijing Enterprise Management Modernization Innovation Achievements”.

● It is necessary to vigorously develop green and low-carbon products. Committed to the manufacturing of high-end green products, Shougang has carried out the R&D of many series of green and low-carbon products such as energy-efficient electrical steel, lightweight high-strength steel for automobiles, high-strength steel for home appliances, long-life zinc-aluminum-magnesium boards for home appliances, high-strength infrastructure steel bars, etc., which have promoted the coordinated carbon reduction of the machinery, automobile, home appliance, construction and other industries, and helped the downstream industrial chain to reduce its CO2 emissions by more than 5 million tons annually.

● It is necessary to actively develop green and low-carbon industries. Shougang Environment has built the Beijing-Lujiashan Domestic Waste Incineration Power Generation Project (a major livelihood project with an annual processing capacity of 1 million tons), Changzhi Domestic Waste Harmless Treatment Project (a key project of Shanxi Province with an annual processing capacity of 365,000 tons) and Construction Waste Resource Treatment Production Line (a sci-tech innovation project of Beijing SASAC with an annual processing capacity of 1 million tons). Beijing Shougang Construction Investment promotes green construction and vigorously develops fabricated buildings. Since the 13th Five-year Plan, its accumulated construction area has exceeded 1.2 million m2, thereby promoting energy conservation and carbon reduction in the construction industry.

 Driven by science and technology, and led by low carbon, technology upgrading and continuous carbon reduction

 ● Shougang Holding strives to build a new generation of metallurgical plants with “circular economy, energy saving, environmental protection, cleanliness and high efficiency”, and takes the implementation of photovoltaic power generation projects as a powerful measure for building green steel mills. The 5.69 MW rooftop distributed photovoltaic project built by Qian’an Steel and Iron was the first large-scale green energy demonstration project to be implemented in Qian’an, Hebei Province. It has now realized full-capacity grid connection and the efficient operation of power generation, producing about 6.8 million kWh of green electricity and reducing carbon emissions by about 6,000 tons every year.

● Shougang Jingtang pursues extreme energy efficiency, takes gas-steam combined cycle power generation and low-temperature multi-effect distillation seawater desalination as the core, and combines the downstream salt chemical industry chain to build the first five-effect integrated high-efficiency recycling system of “combustion-heat-electricity-water-salt” in the world. The project is supported by gas-steam combined cycle high-efficiency power generation technology, structural optimization design of a large-scale single thermal seawater desalination plant, hydropower symbiosis technology of supporting generator sets, and comprehensive utilization technology of hot film coupling strong brine. It has successfully integrated the five-effect high-efficiency cascade utilization technology of “combustion-heat-electricity-water-salt”, realized stable operation with low cost and high efficiency, and created the new mode of the efficient conversion and cascade utilization of metallurgical energy. The power generation efficiency of the gas-steam combined cycle has increased to 47% and the comprehensive thermal efficiency has reached 81.5%, reaching the international leading level. The cost of seawater desalination water production has been reduced by more than 50% compared with the conventional modes of steam extraction and water production from power plants. At the same time, it also extends the industrial chain of the circular economy in steel and transports strong brine from seawater desalination to salt chemical enterprises as a by-product resource, attaining positive and beneficial exploration and experience for the coordinated emission reduction of the steel and chemical industries. This technology won first prize for “Scientific and Technological Progress in Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction” of the China Energy Conservation Association, and reached the international advanced level as a whole. Of its component achievements, the coupling technology of exhaust steam and low-temperature multi-effect seawater desalination for gas-steam combined power generation reached the international leading level.

● Shougang Jingtang has strengthened its innovation in the low-carbon metallurgy process, created the first high-proportion pellet smelting process for a super-large blast furnace with a scale of 10 million tons in the world, and established the low-carbon smelting iron-making process structure of “3 × 504 m2 belt-type roasters + 2 × 500 m2 sintering machines + 3 × 5,500m3 blast furnaces”. Surrounding the low-carbon smelting of high-proportion pellets with super-large blast furnaces, it developed the preparation technology for low-silicon alkaline pellets, studied the suitable burden structure and matching measures of blast furnaces, designed the furnace structure and burden distribution equipment suitable for smelting high-proportion pellets, improved the operation system of smelting high-proportion pellets in blast furnaces, and changed the traditional way in which sinter is the main burden structure of the blast furnace. These measures increased the ratio of pellets from 28% to over 55%, significantly reduced the fuel ratio and slag amount of the blast furnace, and reduced CO2 emissions per ton of iron by over 167 kg.

● Shougang Jingtang is committed to the R&D of key technologies in “dual carbon” and actively promoting the construction of carbon capture and utilization technology demonstration projects. The first industrialization demonstration project of CO2 capture for lime kiln tail gas for steelmaking mixed injection in China has achieved stable and efficient operation at Jingtang. This technology constructs the carbon flow cycle in steel mills and makes innovations to the utilization mode of CO2 resources and recycling, for which it has been included in the first batch of pilot projects of CO2 capture, utilization and storage in Hebei, as well as the promotion catalogue of low-carbon technologies in the province.

● Driven by the promotion of its independent power generation level, Shougang Shuicheng Steel promotes the recycling of waste energy to a higher level. It has built a 55 MW ultra-high temperature and ultra-high pressure gas power generation project with an annual increase in generating capacity of about 260 million kWh, greatly improving the efficiency of energy recovery, conversion and utilization, and increasing the self-generating rate of enterprises by 9%.

● Shougang Changzhi Iron and Steel takes the utilization of waste heat and energy and the optimal utilization of water resources as the starting point for energy saving and carbon reduction. In recent years, it has promoted 30 MW high-temperature and high-pressure coke dry quenching generator sets, 35 MW high-temperature and high-pressure gas generator sets, etc., and the self-generating rate of the enterprise has greatly increased.

General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized that achieving peak carbon and carbon neutrality is an extensive and profound economic and social systematic change. Based on our responsibility to promote the construction of a community with a shared future for mankind and the inherent requirements of realizing sustainable development, the state made the major strategic decision to achieve the goals of peak carbon and carbon neutrality. Shougang will earnestly implement the national “dual carbon” goals and new development concept, unswervingly take the road of green and low-carbon development, comprehensively enhance the green and low-carbon competitiveness of its enterprises, demonstrate the responsibility of state-owned enterprises with practical actions, and dedicate the Shougang Group’s strength to coping with climate change and improving the quality of the ecological environment.

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