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Established in 1919 and headquartered in Beijing, the Shougang Group has experienced a history of nearly 100 years. With the spirits of ‘pioneering, unremitting and hardworking’, and being ‘highly responsible, innovative and leading’, the Group keeps writing new chapters in serving and building up our country with iron and steel. At present, the Group has developed into a large-sized enterprise group centering on iron and steel and concurrently running businesses in mineral resources, the environment, static traffic, equipment manufacturing, construction and real estate, productive services and overseas industries in a cross-industry, trans-regional, cross-ownership and transnational manner. It has 600 wholly-funded, holding and sharing subsidiaries and 90,000 employees; its total assets rank No. 2 among iron & steel enterprises in China, and it has been listed in the Top 500 for six consecutive years since 2010.

Entering the new century, following the national strategy of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games and the structural optimization needs of the steel industry, the Shougang Group was the first to implement and complete whole relocation and adjustment, and has completed the new steel mills of Shougang Jingtang United Iron & Steel Co., Ltd., Shougang Qian’an Iron & Steel Co., Ltd., Qinghuadao Shouqin Metal Materials Co., Ltd. and Beijing Shougang Cold Rolling Co., Ltd. with internationally leading technology and equipment. In particular, Jingtang Iron & Steel is the first model of China’s new-generation recycling iron & steel manufacturing process, and serves as the ‘Dream Works’ for China to move from being a big country in iron and steel to a powerful country in the field. With the trans-regional uniting and restructuring efforts of Shougang Shuicheng Iron & Steel (Group) Co., Ltd., Guangxi Guiyang Iron & Steel Group Co., Ltd., Shougang Changzhi Iron & Steel Co., Ltd., Shougang Tonggang Group and Yili Iron and Steel Group, the Group has extended its industrial layout to coastal areas and resource-enriched regions, expanded its capacity to over 30 million tons and changed its product structure to the main variety of high-end plates. Through reform and innovation, the non-steel industry has greatly enhanced its comprehensive strength and profitability. In its relocation and adjustment, the Shougang Group has become a pioneer of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Integration Initiative. On February 26th, 2014, when making a speech after his inspection of Beijing, General Secretary Xi Jinping mentioned the Shougang Group as the only enterprise in the speech, and pointed out that “The Shougang Group’s relocation to Caofeidian is a specific action for the Initiative, and this practice should be continued unswervingly”.

Since 2014, The Shougang Group has entered a new development stage through intensifying reform in all respects, established the development strategy positioning of ‘balanced expansion’, and built a wholly-new capital operation platform to make concerted efforts for the collaborative development of iron & steel and comprehensive urban services. The Group has also made active efforts to be leading in the world, raised the comprehensive competitiveness of ‘manufacturing and services’ in the steel industry, and developed 10 major high-end production series of auto plates, electric steel, tin plates and so on, of which its silicon steel product reaches the first echelon in the world. By giving full play to its demonstrative and driving role, the Group has become a platform and carrier for the governments of Beijing and Hebei to implement the national Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Integration Initiative strategy, and accelerated the development and construction of its old industrial parks in Beijing and Caofeidian. The Organizing Committee of the XXIV Olympic Winter Games, Innovation Center for Overseas Chinese Businessmen, China’s first and the world’s 19th C40 Climate Positive Development Program project, National Sports Industry Demonstration Zone and so on have become stationed in Shougang’s Beijing Park. The Group also actively integrates quality resources to build its functions as a comprehensive urban service provider pursuing the goals of satisfying urban development, the concerns of the government and the needs of the people. It has completed the garbage incineration power plant with the highest single unit capacity in the world, namely the Shougang Bio-mass Energy Company, as well as the first static traffic R&D demonstration base, and accelerated development in financial services, urban capital construction, real estate, medical health care, culture and sports, and international operation, thereby constantly developing new industries.

During the ‘13th Five-Year Plan’ period, the Shougang Group is actively implementing its new development philosophy and ‘balanced expansion’ development strategy positioning, becoming a globally influential comprehensive large-sized enterprise group and continuously creating new brilliance.  

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