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Peking University Shougang Hosp ital Dispatched Medical Staff to the Shijingshan District Front Line for Epidemic Prevention and Control

Release Time:2020-03-09 14:08:25

In order to support the prevention and control of the novel coronavirus infection and treatment of patients, Peking University Shougang Hospital speedily dispatched 12 medical staff to designated hospitals in Shijingshan District. On February 4, Peking University Shougang Hospital held a commissioning ceremony to send off the team.

The aforesaid medical team of 12 consists of 2 doctors, 2 technicians, and 8 nurses, all young and able of the hospital. On this battlefield to combat the epidemic, members of the Communist Party represented by the 6 of the 12 teammates, i.e. half of the team, were all seen standing at the forefront courageously dedicating themselves in this mission of prevention and control, despite barriers such as having young children, elderly parents and family inconveniences back at home.

At the commissioning ceremony, the medical team was flagged-off by the leader of Peking University Shougang Hospital and supplies were warmly prepared. The hospital lead also encouraged the team to be mindful of their mission and responsibilities, to carry with them the Shougang people good spirit of dutifulness and selfless dedication, to exemplify the professional level of Peking University Shougang Hospital, and to contribute to the epidemic prevention and control in Shijingshan District by high-quality services. Members of the medical team unanimously pledged that, “With the care and support of cadres and workers of Shougang and the hospital, we will actively do a good job of diagnosis and treatment, to do our best for the epidemic prevention and control as well as treatment of patients in Shijingshan District, to embody the good ethos and impression of Shougang medical workers besides completing the task with flying colors!”

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