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Three Projects of Shougang Construction Group Win “China Steel Structure Gold Award”

Release Time:2021-08-11 09:36:22

Recently, the list of the second batch of the “14th China Steel Structure Gold Award Projects” was announced. Three projects undertaken by the Shougang Construction Group’s Steel Structure Company were included in the list as winners of the “China Steel Structure Gold Award”: the Shougang Ski Jump Platform Center Project; Jinghai Power Generation Company’s Coal Yard Closed Reconstruction Project; and Bicycle-only Road Project from Huilongguan in Changping to Shangdi in Haidian.

The Shougang Ski Jump Platform Center Project is a permanent facility (including a ski jump platform, referee tower and auditorium) for the Ski Jump Competition of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics. It is the world’s first ski jump platform venue to be constructed from steel structure and retained and used permanently, as well as the first competition venue in the history of Winter Olympics to be directly combined with the reuse of industrial heritage. The platform consists of three parts: the track, referee tower and grandstand area. Its main body is a long-span special-shaped structure with rigid connections. The structure has a steel engineering quantity of about 4,100 tons, maximum length of about 164 m, maximum width of about 34 m, maximum span of 80.2 m and highest elevation of about 62 m.

The Jinghai Power Generation Company’s Coal Yard Closed Reconstruction Project is another “China Steel Structure Gold Award” project for the Steel Structure Company in the field of coal yard closed renovation following the “Coal Yard Closed Steel Structure Project of Huadian Inner Mongolia Energy Limited’s Baotou Power Generation Branch”. The main steel structure of the project adopts arch trusses with hemispherical bearings at both ends. The arch trusses are mainly triangular three-dimensional trusses with a span of 155 m, length of 205 m, height of 47.57 m, headroom height of over 30 m and area of 31,775 m2.

The Bicycle-only Road Project from Huilongguan in Changping to Shangdi in Haidian is the second road in China and the first in Beijing specially designed for bicycles. With a length of about 781 m, it starts at Longze subway station, extends along the green belt beside the M13 subway and crosses the Beijing-Tibet Expressway and Longyu East No. 1 Road to its end. Upon completion, it can effectively relieve traffic pressure in Beijing, improve the city’s green travel environment and provide a “professional, continuous, safe and fast” slow traffic system for bicycles.

In recent years, adhering to the enterprise value of “building high-quality projects in good faith”, the Group has been focusing on technological innovation and quality control, creating high-quality projects and cultivating the brand of Shougang Construction. The Steel Structure Company has won three gold medals for steel structure this time, setting a new record for the number of “China Steel Structure Gold Awards” for the same batch of projects in the same session, and fully demonstrating the image and strength of Shougang Construction.

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