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Shougang Jingtang United Iron & Steel Co., Ltd.


Construction background: In order to successfully host the 2008 Olympic Games and implement the overall urban planning of Beijing City, on February 18th, 2005, the National Development and Reform Commission officially approved Shougang’s relocation, structural adjustment and environmental governance plan, and agreed that Shougang would build a modernized large-scale iron and steel enterprise in Caofeidian, Tangshan, Hebei Province.

The construction of Shougang Jingtang United Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. (“Shougang Jingtang”) has always received the utmost care from the CPC Central Committee and State Council. Xi Jinping, Li Keqiang, Hu Jintao, Wen Jiabao and other leaders visited Shougang Jingtang for an investigation, gave important instructions and put forward the construction goals of “high starting point, high standards, high requirements, first-class products, first-class management, first-class environment and first-class benefits”. Since it was put into production, it has won awards and titles including the National May Day Labor Medal, Fifth National Civilized Unit, Commendation Award of the Fourth “China Industrial Awards” and Ninth China Baosteel Environmental Excellence Award.

Construction process: On October 22nd, 2005, Shougang Jingtang was established; Phase I of the project started construction on March 12th, 2007, with a total investment amount of RMB 67.7 billion and a designed annual output of 8.98 million tons of iron, 9.7 million tons of steel and 9.13 million tons of rolled steel. On May 21st, 2009, Blast Furnace No. 1 (5,500 m3) was ignited and put into production, after which processes including steelmaking, hot rolling and cold rolling were put into production successively, and the whole line of the one-step project was completed; on June 26th, 2010, Phase I of the project was comprehensively completed and put into operation. Phase II of the one-step project was officially commenced on August 21st, 2015 and comprehensively put into operation on August 1st, 2019. The company has a designed annual output of 13.47 million tons of iron, 13.7 million tons of steel and 13.406 million tons of rolled steel.

As an important carrier of Shougang’s relocation, adjustment, transformation and development, Shougang Jingtang is the first 10-million-ton scale iron and steel enterprise in China. It implements the relocation of urban iron and steel enterprises, is designed and built in full accordance with the concept of the circular economy, and reaches the advanced level in the world.

It possesses significant characteristics and advantages. With its whole process equipment reaching the world-class level in the 21st century, Shougang Jingtang has become a high-quality plate production base at the advanced level in the world, a demonstration factory with independent innovation capability and a landmark factory for energy conservation, emission reduction and circular economy development. It has characteristics and advantages such as being located near the sea and close to the port, compact process, large-scale equipment, advanced technology, high-end products, circular economy, clean environment and efficient management, which fully reflects the requirements of its construction goals. For example, as it is located near the sea and close to the port, raw materials are imported and products are exported by sea, which greatly reduces transportation costs. It possesses large-scale equipment such as the 5,500 m3 blast furnace, 300-ton converter, 2,250 mm hot rolling line, 2,230 mm cold rolling, etc., which constitute a production and operation system with high efficiency and low cost. The MCCR production line, high-strength pickling line, high-strength galvanizing line, hot-base galvanizing line, 18-roller single stand and other production lines have made rapid breakthroughs in capacity, forming a new product cluster with ultra-high-strength steel and fine blanking steel as the key products. Shougang Jingtang has a complete manufacturing system and full confidence in achieving high-quality development. A total of 220 advanced technologies from both home and abroad have been adopted in Phase I of the project, with independent innovation and integrated innovation reaching two-thirds. A total of 54 technologies were optimized and improved and 50 technologies were innovated in Phase II of the project based on popularizing and applying the 220 advanced technologies in Phase I. It practices the concept of the circular economy, realizes the efficient conversion of energy sources such as residual pressure, waste heat and residual gas, and realizes energy conservation and emission reduction to the greatest extent.

It creates high-quality and high-end products. Shougang Jingtang always pursues the goal of producing high-quality steel products to meet the needs of national economic development and continuously optimize the variety structure. It produced 7.67 million tons of high-end leading plate products and will produce 2,500 brands by 2021. Since 2012, it has won 28 “Golden Cup Awards” for the physical quality of its metallurgical products, among which six products have won “Excellent Quality Awards”, contributing to the fame of the Shougang brand.

Adhering to the brand concept of “making first-class steel”, it takes strategic products such as auto sheets and tin plates as leading products, and hot rolled coils, moderate thickness plates, special plates for household appliances, coated plates, pickling plates and composite plates as supporting products, and strives to promote the incremental increase of high-grade, high-tech and high-value-added products, and enhance its brand. In auto sheets, it has the production capacity for IF steel, high-strength steel, ultra-high-strength steel, galvanized steel, zinc-aluminum-magnesium, aluminized silicon and other products, realizing whole vehicle supply. Its users cover joint-venture automobile companies in China such as BMW and Volkswagen, and its brand value ranks among the highest among steel enterprises in China. Its tin plates cover all packaging steel such as beverage cans, food cans, aerosol cans and milk powder cans, as well as hardware, machinery, electronic products and other fields. It has achieved full coverage of high-end customers in China such as ORG and CPMC, with its supply quantity rising continuously and its brand influence entering the “first echelon” in China. The appearance of Shougang’s “5G Steel” as a postcard of the Olympic Winter Games was another wonderful example of Shougang Jingtang helping the Olympic Winter Games after Big Air. Its hot rolled coils form a product series focusing on wheel steel, pipeline steel, weathering steel and high-strength steel, among which its wheel steel has had the highest market share in China for eight consecutive years, and its pipeline steel has been widely used in national key projects such as West-East Natural Gas Transmission Line 3, China-Myanmar Line and Central Asia Line C. Its moderate thickness plates are widely used in energy, shipbuilding and ocean platforms, machinery manufacturing, bridge manufacturing, transportation, electric power engineering and other industries. Shougang Jingtang focuses on developing featured products such as high-strength and high-toughness bridge steel, high-rise building steel and wind power steel, providing high-quality rolled steel for the Xiong’an New Area High-Speed Railway Station Project and contributing “Shougang Power” to the coordinated development of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region; it has achieved a complete set of fire-resistant and weathering steel technologies, successfully won the “Pearl in the Crown of Steel” for its 9Ni steel, and realized bulk supply.

It practices the circular economy. Shougang Jingtang follows the trend requirements of the circular economy, going green and environmental protection in developing the iron and steel industry. Based on the principle of “reduction, reuse and resource utilization”, and characterized by low consumption, low emissions and high efficiency, it values the three functions of lean product manufacturing, efficient energy conversion and waste utilization in the new generation of 21st century iron and steel plants, and has become an environmentally friendly and resource-saving green factory.

Shougang Jingtang makes full use of its advantage of being located near the sea and close to the port, and emphasizes the importance of seawater, making breakthroughs in four aspects: seawater DC cooling power generation, seawater desulfurization, seawater desalination and comprehensive seawater chemical resource utilization. It systematically integrates the whole process of water resource utilization technology, management modes, tiered water consumption and water treatment processes, bringing its water circulation utilization rate up to 98.8%. It uses “secondary energy” to convert “seawater resources” into “fresh water resources”, and has built five low-temperature multi-effect distillation seawater desalination devices and one hot film coupled seawater desalination device with a designed daily output of 95,000 tons. The industrial chain of comprehensive seawater utilization promoted by seawater desalination has been initially formed, and strong brine is supplied to the Sanyou Chemical Group, realizing coordinated development with local enterprises.

It pays attention to environmental protection. Shougang Jingtang attaches great importance to environmental protection, as demonstrated by its investment of RMB 15 billion. It carries out construction in strict accordance with EIA requirements and takes strict control measures for waste gas, wastewater and solid waste. It has 47 online pollution source monitoring systems networked with the environmental protection department of the government to monitor waste gas in real time effectively. Currently, its emissions of flue gas and dust per ton of steel reach 0.27 kg, and its emissions of sulfur dioxide per ton of steel reach 0.10 kg, reaching the leading level in the industry.

In 2020, fully aware of the importance of environmental protection to sustainable development, Shougang Jingtang took measures to “create a Class A enterprise in environmental protection”, for which it was recognized by the Ministry of Ecology and Environment of the People’s Republic of China, and rated as a Class A enterprise for the long-process environmental protection of iron and steel by the Department of Ecology and Environment of Hebei Province. In 2021, facing the harsh environmental policy situation and environmental protection storm in Tangshan Region, it closely focused on its central work of environmental protection, namely “Maintaining Class A status”, stood at the height of “Surviving”, continuously increased its investment in environmental protection, made full use of every minute to promote the relevant implementation, completed 23 key environmental protection treatment projects and 247 environmental improvement projects, and further improved its factory environment. It put 35 charging piles and 120 heavy electric trucks into operation with high efficiency and quality, which further improved the level of clean transportation and provided a strong guarantee for emergency production protection in heavy pollution weather. Adhering to the goal-oriented principle and undertaking the responsibility for environmental protection throughout the whole period without dead ends, it has successfully undergone 183 environmental protection inspections at the national, provincial, city and county levels, withstood the tests of the regional environmental storm, won opportunities for independent emission reduction and demonstrated the gold content of a Class A enterprise through its environmental performance. It has actively responded to the national “dual carbon” strategy and promoted the optimization of energy consumption throughout the whole process. Its comprehensive energy consumption and carbon emission intensity per ton of steel have both reached the highest level in history. In addition, its mass production of binding materials made of solid waste has solved steel slag reuse problems and leads the industry's forefront.

In the construction of enterprise culture, Shougang Jingtang takes the first-class culture of “meticulous, demanding, pursuing excellence” as the guide, strengthens the construction of enterprise culture, promotes the construction of a harmonious enterprise, creates a learning-oriented enterprise, realizes the growth of employees with the enterprise, and encourages employees to strive to comprehensively realize the “four ‘first-class’ goals” and build the most influential steel plant in the world.

It is fully committed to fighting against the outbreak of COVID-19. When the epidemic hit, the company immediately set up a two-level organization and leadership system, formulated a work plan for joint prevention and control, improved the all-weather response guarantee mechanism and comprehensively built a grid-based 3D prevention and control system. It unblocked information channels, strengthened publicity and guidance, and strictly implemented epidemic prevention and control measures. At the beginning of the epidemic, the employees in Beijing, Tangshan and Qinhuangdao stuck to their posts on the island for two consecutive months, and their attendance rate was over 95%, effectively guaranteeing the normal order of production and operation. Shougang Jingtang adhered to the people-oriented principle, centrally purchased epidemic prevention materials, prescribed commonly used drugs and met the urgent needs of its employees. Combined with changes in the epidemic situation, it paid special attention to the normalized prevention and control of the epidemic, and resolutely ensured the implementation of various measures for the prevention of imported cases from foreign countries and diffusion and rebound in China, thereby realizing “0” infections of employees and effectively protecting their lives and health. The practices and achievements of Shougang Jingtang in epidemic prevention and production protection have been widely reported on social media.

The four major projects of “Home”, “Heart”, “Magpie Bridge” and “Gathering Strength” were built to ensure the sustainable, healthy and harmonious development of the company. It deepened the “Home” project, built dormitories in the front of the plant, built and purchased houses, and formed the trinity living pattern of Caofeidian District, Sanjia and the front of the plant; it built learning, sports and living facilities to create a good learning and living environment for its employees; and it fully promoted the construction of the Bohai Home Phase II Project, which met the acceptance conditions. It implemented the “Heart” project, carefully organized inclusive services for its employees, adhered to sending warmth in the two festivals and coolness in summer, implemented assistance and mutual insurance claims, increased the construction of small homes and warm heart stations for employees, and carried out practical activities themed “I act practically for the people”, enriching the cultural life of the employees and doing practical things and good deeds for them; it held cultural and sports activities themed “Healthy Jingtang, Artistic Jingtang and Scholarly Jingtang” to enhance the cohesion of the staff team; and it continuously improved the dining environment in the canteen and the quality of dishes in the restaurant, implemented the subsidy policy for work meals, built a smart life system and launched the related functions of the “Perfect Enterprise” platform, further improving the convenience of employees’ work and life, and constantly enhancing their sense of gain, belonging, happiness and pride. It promoted the “Magpie Bridge” project, expanded external resources and built the “Appointment in Jingtang” service network; and it held group weddings for 287 pairs of young employees, and coordinated and helped the children of employees to attend Jingshan School, thereby alleviating their worries. It built the “Gathering Strength” project, inherited and carried forward the spirit of Shougang, practiced fine plate culture, vigorously commended all kinds of advanced models, encouraged employees to make contributions and contributed wisdom and strength to the sustainable and healthy development of the enterprise.

In 2018, Shougang Jingtang won the titles “National Civilized Unit” and “Model Civilized Unit in the Capital” at the Fifth Session, and six science and technology awards at or above provincial or ministerial level, including two first prizes for metallurgical science and technology, and its seawater desalination project was named an “Excellent Ocean Project”.

In 2019, Shougang Jingtang’s Construction and Implementation of the Skilled Talent Training System Led by Intelligence in Iron and Steel Enterprises won the second prize at the 34th Enterprise Management Modernization Innovation Achievements in Beijing; Innovation and Practice of the Intelligent Management and Control of Large-scale Coking Enterprises won the third prize for the Management Modernization Innovation Achievements of Metallurgical Enterprises; Construction and Implementation of Market-oriented Consistent Products to Promote Management Systems for Large-scale Iron and Steel Enterprises won the first prize at the Hebei Provincial Enterprise Management Modernization Innovation Achievements; Construction and Implementation of an Evaluation System for Skilled Employees Embodying the Values of Multiple Posts in Large-scale Enterprises and Practice of Quantitative Evaluation for the Operation of Quality Management Systems in Large-scale Iron and Steel Enterprises won second prizes at the Provincial Enterprise Management Modernization Innovation Achievements in Hebei Province; and Efficient and Intelligent Management based on the Reliability of the Inspection and Control of Large Blast Furnaces won the third prize at the Provincial Enterprise Management Modernization Innovation Achievements in Hebei Province.

In 2020, Shougang Jingtang was named BMW’s “Best Supplier of 2019” and an “Outstanding Partner” of China Construction Science and Industry Corporation Ltd. It was listed among SAIC Volkswagen’s “Best Suppliers of 2019” and won Haier’s “Strategic Cooperation Award” for 2020. It won “Excellent Unit of Corporate Culture Construction in China” during the period of the 13th Five-year Plan. It was named “National Model Workers’ Home” and “Beijing Workers’ Mind Relay Station”. It has successively won the titles of “State-level Green Factory”, “Benchmark Enterprise for the Green Development of the Iron and Steel Industry” and “Leading Enterprise for Water Efficiency”.

In 2021, the Shougang Jingtang Labor Union won the title of “National Model Workers’ Home” and the honorary title of “National Mass Sports Advanced Unit”; it also won the title of “National Civilized Unit” and the honorary title of “Model Civilized Unit in the Capital”. The MCCR Project was named a “National Quality Project”, and Phase II of the Ironmaking-coking Project won the “Luban Prize”. The “‘Combustion – Heat – Electricity – Water – Salt’ Five-effect Integrated High-efficiency Recycling System Project” won the first prize for Scientific and Technological Progress in Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction, and was vigorously promoted by Hebei Province. The projects “Carbon Dioxide Green Clean Steelmaking Technology and Application” and “Jingtang Low-carbon Clean and Efficient Ironmaking Process and Technology Integration” won the grand prize and first prize in the metallurgical industry respectively. In 2021, Shougang Jingtang was also named “Green and Low-carbon Excellent Brand Enterprise” and “Green Manufacturing Standardization Support Unit”.

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