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China Shougang International Trade & Engineering Corporation

The China Shougang International Trade & Engineering Company is an enterprise owned by the people which was approved by the State Council in July 1992 and has registered capital of RMB 500 million. In early 2018, it was restructured into the China Shougang International Trade & Engineering Corporation (“CSGI”). It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Shougang Group which is mainly engaged in import and export trading, overseas engineering contracting, urban services, modern logistics and other extended businesses. CSGI operates and manages Shougang Hierro Peru S.A.A (“Hierro Peru”) and overseas branches in India, South Korea, Austria, Hong Kong and other countries and regions. The overseas branches have become the operation, sales, service and information centers of Shougang in local markets, playing the role of market research, business contracting, customer service and information and external publicity windows.

After nearly 30 years of development, CSGI’s sales revenue, total imports and exports, and realized profits have increased significantly. Its main operating indicators have continued to increase and its state-owned assets have achieved value preservation and appreciation, making CSGI one of the top 100 overseas trade enterprises in China.

As an important support of Shougang’s overseas development strategy, Shougang Hierro Peru S.A.A has increased its ore output and economic benefits year by year, making outstanding contributions to the high-quality development of Shougang. In July 2018, the expansion project of 10 million tons of iron ore concentrate in the new area was completed, and production and efficiency were achieved as scheduled in the first quarter of 2019. During the same period, a seawater desalination plant independently designed by Shougang and manufactured by modular integration was built. With a daily output of 20,000 m3 of fresh water, it is the largest seawater desalination plant in Peru. In 2021, Shougang Hierro Peru S.A.A actively participated in epidemic prevention and control, made breakthroughs in production and operation, and achieved good business performance.

CSGI undertakes the import of the iron and steel furnace charges such as ore and coking coal needed by Shougang, and enjoys long-term good cooperative relations with world-famous iron ore suppliers such as Rio Tinto, BHP Billiton and Vale of Brazil. Along with its own Peruvian mineral resources, its total annual import of iron ore exceeds 30 million tons.

While ensuring the demand of imported iron ore required by the production base, CSGI started its iron ore business in the late 1990s and became one of the earliest enterprises involved in the ore trading business, achieving a win-win situation of the guaranteed supply of import resources and market operation, which became the pillar business of CSGI with the largest scale and highest profitability. After more than 20 years of operating efforts, a sales network centered on Caofeidian Port and Jingtang Port in North China, Rizhao Port and Lanqiao Port in Central China, and Beilun Port and Taicang Port in South China was established, forming a marketing channel covering the northern and southern markets.

As a professional shipping team and the executive director unit of the China International Freight Forwarders Association (CIFA), Beijing Shourong Forwarding Service Co., Ltd. undertakes the organization and implementation of the shipping of all imported bulk cargo resources and break-bulk cargo resources, and bears the tasks of break-bulk cargo transportation. It also provides third-party clients with high-quality maritime transport and freight forwarding services through professional operation and diversified cooperation modes. Its average annual bulk cargo transportation volume is over 50 million tons, and its ships have reached more than 160 ports in 78 countries and regions. It has also established close cooperation relationships with customers and formed a good market reputation in international and domestic shipping circles.

The Steel Export Business is committed to the development and service of the international iron and steel product market for Shougang, providing overseas clients with hot rolled coils, cold rolled products and various coated products, as well as electrical sheets, heavy and medium plates, etc., and exporting them to more than 80 countries and regions around the world, where they are widely applied in automobile, household appliance, transportation, energy, shipbuilding, construction and other industries. It has also participated in international pipeline, hydropower station, petrochemical engineering, bridge and other projects, and established long-term supply chain partnership with users of internationally renowned brands related to automobiles, household appliances, compressors, transformers and food canners, thereby providing international users with the best products and services. By relying on Shougang’s product R&D and technological innovation strength, the Steel Export Business has rich experience in product certification, technical identification and quality design, and can provide users with personalized product customization, Early Vender Involvement (EVI) and other services. With a professional logistics team, CSGI develops long-term partnerships with major ports and shipping companies at home and abroad, and can provide its users with services such as bulk cargo shipping, container transportation, European routes and air transportation. It also has rich experience in the packaging, lashing, transportation and warehouse management of high-end products such as automobile sheets, oriented silicon steel and tin plates.

Relying on the comprehensive capability of Shougang’s large modern iron and steel complex, the Overseas Engineering Business has contracted and constructed over 30 metallurgical engineering projects in South Asia, Southeast Asia, Africa and South America covering professional metallurgical categories including mining, stock ground, sintering, coking, pelletizing, ironmaking, steelmaking and steel rolling. These projects have generated over USD 1.5 billion in contract amount, building the Shougang engineering brand and earning its good international reputation. As an EPC general contractor, it provides integrated solutions for the mining and beneficiation of metallurgical mines, iron and steel metallurgy, energy and other aspects. With Shougang’s transformation and development, and the help of the Group’s advantageous industries and overseas branches, its overseas project contracting scope is gradually moving towards branding and specialization. The Overseas Engineering Business has gradually expanded from iron and steel metallurgy to non-steel fields such as environmental governance, mining machinery and biomass power generation, providing overseas clients with whole-process services or partial services for engineering projects such as project consultation, feasibility study, engineering design, equipment supply, logistics and transportation, construction, commissioning and production, personnel training, operation and maintenance, etc.

Offering services for Shougang’s main processes, the Equipment Introduction Business is responsible for importing internationally advanced metallurgical equipment, technology and spare parts, and possesses many years of experience in introducing large-scale complete sets of equipment and production lines. With its supply covering mining, smelting, processing, automation and other equipment and technology services, it has good cooperation and business contacts with internationally renowned metallurgical equipment manufacturers and suppliers such as the SMS Group, Danieli Metallurgical Equipment Co., Ltd. and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, making CSGI one of the major enterprises importing metallurgical equipment, technology and spare parts in China.

The Integrated Service Business invests in and manages the real estate development and operation businesses for CSGI, and its subsidiary Beijing Shougang Hotel Development Co., Ltd. has invested in and developed East Lake Villa, the first foreign-related high-end apartment in Beijing, as well as the Shougang International Building, Haiyunxuan Residential Quarter, Xiqing Apartment, Ocean Prospect Residential Quarter, Jinhui Jiayuan Residential Quarter and other projects. It is responsible for the operation and management of Beijing Shougang International Building Property Management Co., Ltd., Beijing Dongzhimen International Apartment Co., Ltd., Bohai International Conference Center Co., Ltd., Beijing Gaopeng Tiancheng Investment Management Co., Ltd. and other sole proprietorships, joint ventures and Sino-foreign joint ventures. This sector holds and manages about 320,000 m2 of real estate covering five-star hotels, 5A-level office buildings, foreign-related service-oriented villas and apartments, conferences, restaurants, leisure and vacation venues and more. With the transformation and development of Shougang bringing new circumstances and a brand-new operation philosophy, the Integrated Service Business integrates its system in order to strengthen its management, realize sector interaction, reinforce its complementary advantages, build strong location value advantages and give full play to the accumulation effect of CSGI’s brand value.

CSGI will continue to uphold the concept of “serving Shougang, going global and creating value”, inherit and carry forward the spirit of Shougang, pursue the international enterprise spirit of “pragmatism, improvement and prosperity” of Shougang in the new era, pursue the promotion and expansion of Shougang’s foreign business, strive to become an international trading platform for the Group and an important support for the crucial overseas mining bases and “manufacturing + service” of the steel industry, and cultivate a specialized, large-scale and famous international trade and engineering company which highlights the dominant business, efficient management and coordinated development.

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