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Shoucheng Holdings Limited

As one of the earliest Hong Kong red chips companies, Shoucheng Holdings Limited (SHOUCHENG) was listed on the main board of HKEX in 1991. The substantial shareholders of the Company are Shougang Group, NWS Group, HOPU, Orix Group, JD Digits, CIMC Group, MatrixPartners China and other well-known conglomerates and institutional investors. At present, Shougang Int’l’s main business includes operation and management of parking assets and management of urban renewal private funds.

Holding the principle of “key cities, core locations and high-quality parking spaces”, Shougang Int’l has accumulated rapidly a great number of parking spaces, and has reached the top level of the industry. Shougang Int’l is operating transportation hub parking projects represented by four international airports of Beijing and Shanghai, Guiyang Airport and Beijing Railway station; hospital parking projects represented by China-Japan Friendship Hospital; core business districts parking projects represented by New World Department Store; and city-level parking projects represented by Beijing Daxing District, Yanqing District, Hebei Tangshan, Hebei Baoding, and Nanjing Qinhuai District.

Shougang Int’l is dedicated to being a listed company which is capable of spanning economic cycles, with robust cash flow as well as stable and healthy operations, and also Shougang Int’l always endeavors to create the greatest benefits for its shareholders and investors, to provide a comfortable and convenient user experience for its users, and to make city life better.

Main business: the production and sales of iron and steel products, steel trade, power generation and supply, ocean shipping, etc.

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