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Beijing Vstartup Investment and Development Co., Ltd.

Beijing VSTARTUP Investment and Development Co., Ltd. (VSTARTUP for short) is an urban renewal service provider of Shougang Fund. Major investors include Shougang Fund, The King’s Enterprise, Zhongguancun Equity Trading Service Group, Shunwei Fund, Shunlong Fund, Glorious Oriental and other companies and groups. VSTARTUP focuses on the transformation and operation of urban stock assets, activates the urban space with the ecological operation mode of “fund + base + industry chain service” and helps small and medium-sized enterprises realize their startup dream, winning the State-level Mass Startup Space, the State-level Incubator, National Youth Entrepreneurship Demonstration Park, Youth Entrepreneurship and Employment Demonstration Center on Both Sides of the Taiwan Strait, 2016 Top 10 China’s Best Mass Startup Space of China Venture, the First ISO Entrepreneurship Service Standardization System Certified by SGS and other honorary titles.

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