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Beijing Shougang Automation Information Technology Co., Ltd.

Beijing Shougang Automated Information Technology Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as Shougang Automated Information Company) is Shougang Group's sole automation and information professional company. It is a high-tech enterprise integrating the implementation of information planning, automatic system design, software development, system integration and technology services, with more than 3,000 employees enrolled. 

Over the years, Shougang Automated Information Company has cultivated an experienced professional team who are familiar with the process with complete professional supporting facilities, having strong strength in automation control, mathematical model, MES, ERP and other fields. The Company has a national key laboratory with more than 300 patents, software copyright and registered software products, having the overall strength of undertaking automation information “turnkey” project with one to four levels for large-scale enterprises. 

Shougang Automated Information Company combined its new business model and new situation with the accumulation of nearly 40 years of experience in technology, and actively transformed itself into two areas: “industrial intelligence” and “intelligent city”. The Company focuses on developing industries such as “intelligent equipment”, “intelligent factory”, “intelligent logistics” and “intelligent service” in the field of industrial intelligence, and on “intelligent park”, “intelligent building”, “static traffic” and other industries in the field of intelligent city. 

In the “13th Five-Year Plan” period and even 2025, Shougang Automated Information Company wholeheartedly will cooperate with friends from all walks of life and be determined to become the provider and leader of leading intelligent industry and intelligent city comprehensive service, making greater contributions to build a more influential Shougang Group in the world and to promote social and economic development.

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