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Brief Introduction to Shougang Talent Development Institute (Shougang Party School)

Release Time:2019-08-27 09:42:24

Talent Development Institute of Shougang Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Talent Development Institute”) was established in March 2016, which is a training institution directly managed by Shougang Group which focuses on training and enhancing the abilities of personnel. It is the strategic support department of Shougang Group, and forms a set of institutions together with Shougang Party School, Shougang Institute of Technology and Shougang Technician College. The four institutions are under integrated management, with the social school functions relatively independent. 

Talent Development Institute is located at No. 6 and No. 11 Jinyuanzhuang Road, Shijingshan District, Beijing City. It covers an area of 175,700 square meters and a construction area of 138,900 square meters. At present, it has 464 teachers and workers on the job, among which 154 ones hold a master’s degree or above, 242 ones hold a bachelor’s degree, 126 one hold senior titles, and 164 ones hold intermediate titles.

Talent Development Institute has two Party-mass organizations with four functional management departments, namely, the Department of Operations Management, the Department of Planning and Finance, the Department of General Affairs and the Department of Security. It is divided into the internal training section and school section, among which, there are six departments of internal training sections, namely, internal training management department, Party construction cultural training center, leadership training center, professional training center, skilled talents training center and talent evaluation center. There are 12 departments in the school section, namely, the comprehensive management office, the educational administration and the recruitment and employment office, the student office (CCYL committee), the vocational education training department, the practice training center, school of computer and the media arts, the mechanical and electrical engineering department, school of metallurgical safety and environmental protection, school of nursing and pre-school education, school of foundation studies, school of management, school of continuing education, the network management center and the library.

As the strategic support department of the group company, Talent Development Institute pays equal attention to staff training and academic education in accordance with the principle of “Serving Shougang, High-End Oriented, Capacity-Based and Full Coverage”, striving to provide strong support for the construction of the first-class talent team for Shougang, and become a training base for the enhancement of the ability of key talents in Shougang, a training base for high-skilled talents in new industries, a research and practice center for talent development, enterprise Party construction cultural research and training center and staff lifelong skills training and guidance center.

While serving Shougang, we should give full play to the social service functions of Institute of Technology and Technician College, and adhere to the orientation of “Shougang-based, Facing Jingxi and Serving the Capital”. Through higher vocational education, skills training, skills competitions, technological innovation and technical services, Talent Development Institute strives to train high-quality and scarce skilled personnel for the construction of the capital, and to become a training base for scarce talents in the capital, a public training base for vocational skills and production safety training base, a training base for skills competitions, a demonstration center of vocational education reformation and a technical innovation and service platform.

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