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A Brief Introduction to Skilled Personnel Training in the Shougang Group

Release Time:2019-06-13 10:08:58

Shougang has always attached great importance to the training of skilled personnel. Shougang Technician College, which was established in 1954, has trained more than 40,000 skilled personnel over the years. In recent years, many national-level construction projects such as “National Training Base for High-skilled Personnel” and “National Skilled Master Studio” have been implemented here. Qualifications of Beijing Jingxi Vocational Skills Appraisal Institute, Beijing Safety Production Training Base and others are listed here. In 2016, with the approval of the project of “Deepening the Construction of National High-skilled Personnel Training Base” by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, it became a public vocational skills training base and national high-skilled personnel training base in Beijing. On December 10, 2018, the construction project of high-skilled personnel training base was approved and accepted by Beijing Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security. In 2012, it won the “National Outstanding Contribution Award for Skilled Personnel Cultivation” and was awarded the title of “Demonstration Base of Chinese Enterprise Training” in 2016.

In 2018, Shougang Group organized and set up Shougang Talent Development Institute to further strengthen the training of skilled personnel.

After many years of practice, skilled personnel training in Shougang has gained rich vocational education training experience and resources, established a relatively perfect training system for skilled personnel, and trained a large number of national, municipal, group and company-level technical experts, winners of vocational skills competitions and leaders of skilled personnel for Shougang, thus achieving the overall quality improvement of Shougang skilled personnel team. The training system of high-skilled personnel with Shougang characteristics has been constantly innovated and improved in practice, and the “collaborative” construction of “school-enterprise linkage, complementary advantages, and mutual benefit and win-win” has been implemented, which realizes the seamless connection between college personnel training and enterprise personnel demand; the training system meeting the needs of post ability of skilled personnel has been constructed, and training methods such as on-site teaching, case teaching, project teaching, post teaching and simulation operation teaching has been formed; the “high-end” training project featuring “high-end leading, top-level design has been implemented, and a series of high-end training brands such as “Shougang craftsman”, “technician training” and “technician studio innovation” have been carefully built; the “Internet + staff training” learning platform has been set up, a trinity of online, offline and synchronous, asynchronous and informal learning network mobile training has been established for the training project; the training mode of “multi-type and boost-type” skilled personnel has been implemented, and efforts have been made to explore the training mode of “training without leaving the post and classroom on the spot”, “college training according to the need of employing units”, so as to provide follow-up and all-round services for enterprise staff training. Through building the employee skills competition platform of “learning, training, competition and selection”, it has promoted the growth of skilled personnel, nurtured and trained a large number of high-skilled leaders for the enterprise, and helped skilled personnel to be better.

In 2018, the “Shougang Cup” National Iron and Steel Vocational Skills Competition was successfully organized. Zhao Manxiang, Zhang Hao and Wang Tao of Shougang Group won three championships of ironmaking, skyscraper and welder. Simultaneously, Shougang produced four runners-up and the first place in group competition.

In accordance with the requirements of “Made in China 2025” and the needs of the development orientation of Shougang and Beijing, the Skilled Personnel Training Center of Shougang Talent Development Institute will focus on the training of high-skilled personnel in Shougang and attach great importance to the cultivation of high-skilled personnel with exquisite skills, craftsmanship and innovative ability. In terms of specialty setting, combining with the strategic development direction of Shougang, the echelon demand of Shougang skilled personnel and the demand of Chinese manufacturing craftsmen, a training system of skilled personnel with forward-looking nature and meeting the needs of future development of “Made in China” is established to train national and municipal skilled personnel and leaders in vocational skills for Shougang.

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