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Shougang Prefabricated Steel Building R&D Team Awarded Title “100 People in 10 Years” Leading the Development of Prefabricated Buildings

Release Time:2022-11-07 14:30:41

Recently, the Shougang Prefabricated Steel Building R&D Team was awarded the title “100 People in 10 Years”, and its team style and outstanding contributions were published in the 12th issue of Construction and Architecture, a national first-class journal, in 2022.

The Shougang Prefabricated Steel Building R&D Team is a comprehensive team composed of Shougang Construction, Shougang Engineering, Shougang Research Institute of Technology, Shougang Real Estate, etc., covering material R&D, product design and construction R&D of steel buildings, and industrial production and supply of core components. Since 2009, the team has completed the R&D and demonstration project construction of a three-generation system of prefabricated steel buildings. It was the first in China to develop and apply weather-resistant steel to solve the corrosion problem of steel buildings, and it took the lead in applying rolled narrow flange steel to steel buildings, guiding the steel standardization of steel buildings and creating Shougang’s steel building brand. It has also constructed a steel building R&D base, steel component production base and ALC wallboard production base. Meanwhile, the team presided over the R&D of the Beijing Municipal Science & Technology Commission’s Green Prefabricated High-Rise Steel Residence Industrial Design and Construction, participated in the R&D of the Ministry of Science and Technology’s High-efficiency Prefabricated Connection Technology and Demonstration of Steel Buildings, and participated in compiling ten industry and group standards, laying a foundation for the innovative development of prefabricated steel buildings and making outstanding contributions.

In 2022, Construction and Architecture magazine launched the “100 People in 10 Years” column which showcases the outstanding contributions and personalities of 100 well-known, leading and innovative industry leaders. In the list of “100 People”, the Shougang Prefabricated Steel Building R&D Team was the only team to be honored.

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