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Shougang City Transportation Wins Four Awards at China Urban Parking Conference

Release Time:2022-10-08 13:38:44

Recently, at the 6th China Urban Parking Conference and 24th China Annual Parking Equipment Industry Conference, Beijing Shougang City Transportation Holdings Co., Ltd. and Beijing Shoujia Steel Structure Co., Ltd., by relying on their many years of parking industry technology, market development and accumulation, and operating results in 2021, won four awards. Beijing Shoujia Steel Structure Co., Ltd. was named “Application Demonstration Base of 100 Group Standard Application Demonstration Projects in 2020 (Vehicle Commercial Mechanical Parking Equipment)” by MIIT, “Top Ten Enterprise with Excellent Members in the Mechanical Parking Equipment Industry in 2021” and “Top 30 Sales Enterprises with Excellent Members in the Mechanical Parking Equipment Industry in 2021”. Xiao Shukun of Shougang City Transportation won the honorary title of “2021 Advanced Science and Technology Worker and Technology Innovation Leader of the Mechanical Parking Industry”.

Beijing Shougang City Transportation Holdings Co., Ltd. is a one-stop professional service company integrating the investment, R&D, design, production, construction and operation of intelligent (mechanical) stereo garages. Fully qualified in the manufacturing, installation, renovation and maintenance of mechanical parking equipment, it is a domestic enterprise that has obtained a manufacturing license for the special equipment of mechanical stereo garages for buses and second-generation bus products. At present, it has developed third-generation intelligent stereo garages for buses.  This year, the Company has firmly adhered to the “14th Five-year Plan” by focusing on the “R&D and manufacturing of intelligent stereo garages and mechanical stereo garages for buses, and becoming a first-class scientific and technological enterprise”; focusing on the development goals of “refined technology, strong processes, heavy management, cost control and becoming an industry leader”; and overcoming the impact of the epidemic, grasping market development and technology R&D, and continuously expanding the parking market beyond Beijing on the basis of consolidating and expanding the Beijing market. Based on its existing product technology, the Company has increased its product R&D, and its plane mobile bus mechanical stereo garages have passed Beijing’s new technology and new product certification. The Company has applied for approval to become a “specialized, refined, characteristic and novel” small and medium-sized enterprise in Beijing, and even a “little giant” enterprise.

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