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Centennial Industrial Style Attracts Starbucks

Release Time:2018-11-02 13:35:28




On September 6th, Beijing Starbucks Coffee Co., Ltd., the first merchant to open to the public in Shougang Park, obtained a business license. The establishment of Starbucks Coffee marks a substantial step in the development of Beijing Shougang Park. It is reported that Tencent, IDG, Bank of China, Anta and other enterprises will also settle in Shougang Park.

Beijing Shougang Park, a steel industry site which has been renovated and upgraded, has now become a major landmark in Beijing. Shougang Construction Investment Co., Ltd., as the lead company of the development of Beijing Shougang Park, targets the high-end and high-profile enterprises in the market. Beginning in June of last year, Shougang Construction Investment Co., Ltd. and Beijing Starbucks Coffee Co., Ltd. started to contact each other. The two sides conducted many discussions on site selection, design and positioning, and finally made the determination to build Starbucks into a HP class store (Shougang Park High-Profile Store).

Shougang Construction Investment Co., Ltd. organized Starbucks as a replicable model project. All functional departments broke the traditional models of the past, and through coordination, the project was faster and more efficient from site selection and negotiation to business. In the process of engaging with the merchants, Shougang Construction Investment Co., Ltd. first provided them with the best customized commercial office space according to their needs, negotiated with the relevant departments for the individualized needs of the merchants, and did its best to satisfy the merchants’ demands. In order to make the early transformation of the project more reasonable, Shougang Construction Investment Co., Ltd. took the initiative to think like the merchants would. From the perspective of the owners, the system was systematically considered. In consideration of the large water consumption of Starbucks Coffee, Shougang Construction Investment Co., Ltd. actively contacted Starbucks Coffee in a very short period of time, completed a number of projects such as an increase of water and drainage pipelines, the perfection of circuit construction, and the installation of air-conditioning units. In order to officially open Starbucks Coffee as soon as possible, Shougang Construction Investment Co., Ltd. designated a department to be responsible for negotiating with the industry and commerce bureau on issues related to industrial and commercial registration, actively coordinated various departments of the Group to promote internal approval procedures, and completed the industrial and commercial registration of Starbucks. At the same time, Shougang Property provided Starbucks with quality property services, actively coordinating during Starbucks’ renovation, and providing quality and efficient professional services.

The location of Starbucks Coffee is the No. 1 and No. 3 ironmaking blast furnace differential pressure power station of the former Shougang Ironmaking Plant. Coupled with the dry dust removal in the east, the work house hotel in the north and the three blast furnaces and Xiuchi Lake in the south, it forms a unique landscape in the post-industrial era. At present, the renovation work here has been basically completed, and the main equipment has also been installed in place. Equipment commissioning and cleaning work will begin in the near future, and Starbucks is expected to open at the end of September.

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