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Shougang Tonghua Steel Group

Shougang Tonggang Limited Company (“Tonggang”) is the largest iron and steel joint enterprise in Jilin Province, and a key supporting enterprise for revitalizing the old industrial base in Northeast China. Founded in June 1958, Tonggang has developed into a large-scale iron and steel joint enterprise integrating mining, beneficiation, sintering, coking, ironmaking, steelmaking and steel rolling. In July 2010, it was reorganized with Shougang and became the leading steel production base of the Shougang Group in Northeast China.

Tonggang has registered capital of RMB 7.694 billion, 11 management departments, five direct management institutions, eight direct management production units and jurisdiction over nine enterprises, namely Banshi Mining Co., Ltd., Huadian Mining Co., Ltd., Dalizi Mining Co., Ltd., Tonggang International Trade Co., Ltd., Huinan Steel Rolling Co., Ltd., Jilin Welded Pipe Co., Ltd., Tonggang Automation Information Technology Co., Ltd., Panshi Seamless Steel Tube Co., Ltd. and Metal Resources Co., Ltd. Its affiliated enterprises are distributed in Tonghua City, Baishan City, Changchun City, Jilin City and other places in Jilin Province.

For more than 60 years, Tonggang has always shared the same fate as the country, forged ahead and worked hard. Especially with the strong support of Shougang, it started the construction of outdated practice elimination and capacity replacement projects in an all-round way, vigorously promoted the pace of structural adjustment and product upgrading, completed the large-scale, modernized and intelligent transformation of its process equipment, successfully entered the national list of enterprises meeting the standard conditions of the steel and iron industry, consolidated the foundations for its survival and development, and further enhanced its market competitiveness. Tonggang was reborn in the furnace of transformation and development, forming modernized steel production processes and related supporting facilities such as mining, beneficiation, coking, sintering, ironmaking, steelmaking and steel rolling. Its main devices include four coke ovens (two 55-hole coke ovens, one 60-hole coke oven and one 65-hole coke oven); two 360 m2 sintering machines and one grate-rotary kiln pelletizing production line; two 2,680 m3 blast furnaces; three 120-ton top-bottom combined blowing steelmaking converters, two 8-machine 8-stream billet casters and two one-machine one-stream thin slab casters; one 1,560 mm hot rolled ultra-thin strip steel production line, one high-strength mechanical manufacturing steel production line, one high-speed wire rod production line, one small and medium-sized section steel production line, and one seamless steel tube and welded tube rolling production line. It has five main product series, namely plates, building materials, excellent special steel, profiles and pipes, which are mainly used in construction, transportation, electric power construction, water conservancy, automobile, mechanical processing, oil exploitation and other industries. Eleven of its products have won the National Golden Cup Award for the Physical Quality of Metallurgical Products, and seven have won the title of Excellent Quality Products in the Metallurgical Industry. Based in Northeast China and radiating to East China, South China, North China and other regions, Tonggang’s products have been used in key projects such as the Shenzhen Metro, National Center for the Performing Arts, Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport, 2008 Olympic Games venues, Xiong'an New Area, Beijing-Harbin Expressway and Dalian Bay Cross-Harbor Tunnel.

In 2016, the Central Economic Work Conference proposed fighting a tough battle for structural reform on the supply side. Tonggang actively responded to the call of the nation, actively reduced its production capacity, dismantled an electric furnace, reduced its steelmaking capacity by 600,000 tons, shut down a blast furnace, reduced its ironmaking capacity by 800,000 tons and reduced its total output of steel from 5.2 million tons to 4.6 million tons. In 2017, Tonggang people fought for survival, made joint efforts, united to support Tonggang and succeeded in preventing losses for the fifth consecutive year. In 2018, Tonggang people insisted on achieving the government and prosperity of the enterprise according to the laws and regulations and comprehensively implemented quantitative thinking, data management and standardized operations, leading to its best operating level in the last ten years. In 2019, Tonggang realized debt optimization, asset optimization and business optimization through judicial reorganizations with the strong support of the central government and the efficient promotion of the governments of Beijing and Jilin. In 2021, Tonggang insisted on both epidemic prevention and control, and operation and production, and achieved a smooth start to the 14th Five-year Plan. Its annual output reached 3.92 million tons of iron, 4.43 million tons of steel, 4.22 million tons of rolled steel and 1.58 million tons of finished iron ore, and its total industrial output value and operating income increased by 45% and 48% respectively.

Tonggang has gone through ups and downs, from suffering to glory, and created profound cultural inheritance. It has successively won such honorary titles and awards as National Advanced Grass-Roots Party Organization, National Advanced Collective of Creating “Four Good” Teams, National Excellent Enterprise of Ideological and Political Work, National May Day Labor Medal and National Advanced Unit of Spiritual Civilization Construction.

Tonggang people never forget the original intentions, always keep the mission in mind, shoulder the sacred duty to serve the country and benefit the people of Tonghua, and play an important supporting role in promoting the economic development of Jilin Province and driving the regional prosperity of Tonghua City. In recent years, Tonggang has paid taxes of RMB 7.517 billion in total under difficult circumstances, which reflects the true social responsibility of a state-owned enterprise.

At present and in the future, Tonggang should be guided by Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, closely grasp the opportunities of the comprehensive revitalization in Northeast China, adhere to the guidance of Party building, stick with reform and innovation, follow the development strategy of “low cost + high efficiency”, focus on the regional market in the northeast with the promotion of products, focus on low-cost manufacturing with resource allocation, focus on the high-efficiency operation of its systems and mechanisms, rely on Shougang's comprehensive advantages, thoroughly implement the concept of high-quality development, refine and strengthen the main steel industry, continuously enhance its market competitiveness and comprehensive innovation effectiveness, and build a steel manufacturing enterprise with regional competitiveness and influence.

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