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Shougang Marketing Co., Ltd

Shougang Marketing Co., Ltd. takes charge of the sales business of steel products with ‘one business in three places’ of Shougang Co., Ltd and Tangshan Shougang Integrated Steel Co., Ltd., and undertakes the professional management function of the Shougang Group in the steel sales business. In recent years, with the development of ‘one business in many places’ of the Shougang Group, Shougang Marketing Co., Ltd. has comprehensively integrated the marketing resources in the main steel business of the Shougang Group in accordance with the economic management requirements of ‘centralized, consistent, clear level, management norms, concise and efficient’ of the Shougang Group. The basic duties of Shougang Marketing Co., Ltd. include marketing planning, marketing organization, resource allocation, marketability, price setting, channel development, transportation management, customer services, system development and so on, and it has realized the five unifications of ‘channel, resource, price, contract and service’. 

Shougang Marketing Co., Ltd. has preliminarily established a marketing service system that covers the whole country, and set five regional branches including Shanghai, Guangzhou, North China and Wuhan. It has also built eleven steel machining distribution centers across the country. The products of Shougang Marketing Co., Ltd. include automobile manufacturing, household appliance manufacturing, metal products, machinery manufacturing, shipbuilding and other industries, of which the steel products include galvanized sheets, cold rolled plates, hot rolled plates, pickle plates and so on; it is also the core supplier of leading enterprises in such industries as domestic automobiles, home appliances, petroleum, shipbuilding, machinery manufacturing, etc. Shougang Marketing Co., Ltd. has been successively awarded the titles of ‘National Famous Products After-sales Service Advanced Organization’, ‘Top Ten Brands with National (Industry) Customer Satisfaction’, ‘Enterprise Credit Rating-AAA Credit Enterprise’, ‘Excellent Enterprise of National Culture Building’, ‘Capital Civilization Organization’, etc.

Shougang Marketing Co., Ltd. always adheres to the marketing concept of ‘integrity, efficiency, win-win and development’, and takes customer demand as its guide, industrial chain extension as the forerunner and technology as a support for the realization of Shougang’s steel industry in the extension of the development and marketing objectives of creating the first class in transformation, thereby sincerely providing the highest quality products and services for its friends in all fields.

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