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Shougang Construction Group was Awarded the Qualification of “General Contractor of Foreign Aid Complete Project of the Ministry of Commerce”

Release Time:2019-09-10 09:45:04

Recently, Beijing Shougang Construction Group Co., Ltd. officially received the approval from the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China for the qualification of the general contractor of the foreign aid complete project declared by Shougang Construction Group.

It is understood that national foreign aid projects refer to projects with the nature of foreign aid implemented in recipient countries that are approved by the Ministry of Commerce for use of loan funds such as foreign aid joint venture and cooperative project funds and foreign aid preferential loans. Foreign aid projects are high-quality sectors in the field of overseas engineering. Having the qualifications to undertake foreign aid projects is a sign that enterprises have been recognized in the field of domestic construction engineering. It is also an opportunity for enterprises to show their image to the outside world, and even an opportunity for them to expand their overseas market.

In recent years, Shougang Construction Group has actively participated in the construction of national projects in Africa, Middle East, Europe, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions through cooperation with large state-owned enterprises such as CITIC, CATIC and Sinosteel. It has successively completed KK 1,000 residential buildings, sewage treatment plants, municipal roads in Angola, Al Reem Island Seascape Buildings and Central Park Business Buildings in the United Arab Emirates, the parking apron of an Ethiopian airline company and many other international projects. With excellent quality and professional service levels, it is highly recognized by the owner’s units and the countries in which they are located.

After winning the qualification of the general contractor of the foreign aid complete project this time, Shougang Construction Group will participate in more overseas aid projects as the general contractor of the project, showing their strong enterprise strength, solid professional knowledge and business skills of the Shougang construction industry, helping Shougang to play an active role in the implementation of the “Belt and Road” Initiative.

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