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Five Episodes of the CCTV Program on the 100-Year-Old Shougang Will Be Broadcasted

Release Time:2019-09-10 09:43:02

CCTV focuses on the 100-year-old Shougang, and “Walk through China” of CCTV4 launches five episodes of the feature film, namely “Be Tempered into Steel”, “Selecting the Overseas Market for Rebirth”, “Becoming Big and Strong”, “Perfect Iron and Steel Products”, “Water and Fire Co-prosperity” and “Ice and Snow Invitation”, respectively showing how Shougang carries out all-weather intelligent unmanned operation on its own wharf after the relocation, how it opens up maritime transport channels to the world; how it realizes large-scale equipment, advanced technology and establishes the efficient and low-cost operating system; how it completes the production and historic leap from traditional steel bars, wire rods to high-end auto sheets, electric steel and tin plates; how it turns waste into treasures, practices the concept of circular economy, and builds a modern green steel city; and how it transforms and reforms the industrial remains of Shougang Park to complete the interesting change of “ice” and “fire” and continue to serve the Beijing Winter Olympics. The feature film will be broadcasted on CCTV4 from June 3.

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