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Shougang Finance Co., Ltd. Wins the Title of “China Excellent Finance Company in 2018”

Release Time:2019-08-20 09:12:01

Recently, the 14th China CFO Congress & 2018 China CFO Annual Award Ceremony, sponsored by the New Financial Magazine of the Ministry of Finance of China, was held in Beijing. Shougang Group Finance Co., Ltd. won the title of “China Excellent Finance Company in 2018”, becoming the only financial company of Beijing enterprise group among the six award-winning financial companies.

In 2018, Shougang Finance Company continued to strengthen financial business innovations and took measures to prevent financial risks at the same time and provide credit, bills, foreign exchange, peer and other financial services to comprehensively contribute to the industrial transformation and development of the Group. It also constantly improved the quality and efficiency of serving the real economy, adhered to the basic orientation of centralized management of funds, and gave full play to the service functions of “fund collection platform, fund settlement platform, fund monitoring platform, financial service platform”, providing strong support for the development of the group. It has made remarkable achievements in the industry. As of the end of 2018, the assets and owner’s equity of Shougang Finance Company ranked first among the 15 finance companies of steel and iron group. Its size of assets ranked 39th and its owner’s equity ranked 14th among the 247 finance companies in the industry.

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