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Shougang Completed Its Hoisting of Line 1’s Column of the Large Skiing Platform

Release Time:2019-08-15 08:47:17




On May 30, the four-section column of Line 1 of Shougang’s large skiing platform project, which is 9.2 meters in length, 5.1 meters in width, 20 meters in height weighing 158 tons in total, was accurately hoisted. Then all sections of Line 1’s column of the large platform project were hoisted, which laid a foundation for ensuring that the project completed the construction of the main structure and the installation and commissioning of equipment on time, and met the conditions of test events.

Shougang’s large skiing platform consists of 4 sets of support columns in total. Among them, Line 1’s column is the highest support column of the large skiing platform, and it consists of four sections from top to bottom. It is 49.1 meters in height and weighs about 480 tons in total. Through the segmented splicing assembly method, it is divided into four sections for installation. The factory assembled them in pre-assembly site and then hoisted it after they were spliced on the ground on the engineering site. As the construction unit, Shougang Construction Group did its best to carry out the hoisting work in accordance with the principle and requirements of once-off installation. The high-altitude hoisting and lifting equipment was a 630-ton crawler crane. The biggest difficulty during the hoisting is the high-precision air docking. In order to ensure its smooth completion, the construction standards and accuracy requirements during the installation, the industrial total station was used for tracking and measuring during the hoisting and docking process. Its measurement accuracy reached 0.015 millimeters, and it’s used to ensure the axis position of the component and the zero-error elevation height.

The large platform project is one of the key engineering projects of the Winter Olympic Games. The four-section column of Line 1 has thick plate welding, with high standard requirements. Units participating in the construction were all carefully organized and rational arrangements were made. Since its commencement, the cadres and workers involved in the construction had worked hard to ensure the construction period. In order to ensure the quality of welding, the relevant units jointly organized technical training and examinations for welders, and only the qualified ones could carry out the welding operation. During the welding project, the members realized the technical disclosure, determined clear requirements, and strictly carried out the welding according to the steel structure welding technical specifications. During the welding construction process, the members of the technical quality expert service team were invited as well as the national skill masters of the large skiing platform such as Wang Wenhua and Liu Hong to give on-site guidance and offer technical services for the welding of steel structure, which further improved the welding quality to ensure the meeting of construction requirements.

The competition area of Shougang’s large skiing platform is the only skiing competition area for the Winter Olympics in Beijing city. This project turns the original four cooling towers and oxygen generating plant of Shougang and other industrial resources into a large platform that will be permanently remained after upgrading and reconstructing them. It is a key project of the 2022 Winter Olympics and also a landmark construction project in the new Shougang area.

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