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International Engineering Company Signs 7.3-meter Top-Charging Coke Oven Design Contract

Release Time:2019-08-07 08:29:34

Recently, International Engineering Company and Shanxi Jinluda Energy Co., Ltd. signed a design contract for the 7.3-meter top-charging coke oven of Shanxi Jinluda Energy Co., Ltd., marking the company’s important leap from the 6-meter coke oven to the large-scale coke oven of over 7 meters.

The project utilizes the original chemical production facilities of Shanxi Jinluda Energy Co., Ltd. The design contents mainly include coke oven body, coke, wet quenching system, water supply and drainage, dust removal system, flue gas desulfurization and denitrification system, etc. After obtaining the project information, International Engineering Company attached great importance to the project’s marketing work. Leaders and relevant professional and technical personnel repeatedly visited the owners for technical exchanges, on-site surveys and data collection. At the same time, in line with the principle of saving project investment and speeding up construction progress, they tried to integrate the design planning progress with equipment ordering and construction and installation progress, so as to meet the owners’ project construction needs as far as possible, winning the trust and recognition of the owners without the performance of the coke oven at this level.

Over the years, International Engineering Company has devoted themselves to researching and adapting to the domestic coking market and developing large-scale coke oven technology. In the coking major, able professionals devoted themselves to the research and development of 7.1-meter top-charging coke oven, invited the CCIA and domestic experts to fully demonstrate the technical scheme twice and absorbed the advanced domestic technology and practical production experience. By the end of 2018, the company passed the acceptance evaluation organized by the CCIA. The application of this technology has also demonstrated the importance of technology development adapting to market demand for the sustained and healthy development of the company and the improvement of market competitiveness.

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