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18 Shougang Fund-Invested Enterprises Were Listed in 2019 China Unicorn Report

Release Time:2019-08-05 08:54:03

Recently, the “China Unicorn Report: 2019” of Evergrande Research Institute was released, and 18 unicorn enterprises invested by Shougang Fund Company were listed.

Based on the time of establishment, the report divided them into unicorn enterprises in the broad sense, with no time limit, and ones in the narrow sense, with no more than ten years. As of December 31, 2018, there were 161 unicorns in the broad sense, 137 unicorns in the narrow sense and 10 super unicorns in China. From the perspective of industry distribution, unicorn enterprises are mainly distributed in three areas: high-end manufacturing, Internet and high-tech.

18 unicorn enterprises invested by Shougang Fund Company through its parent fund were listed. Amongst them, six are valued at more than $5 billion.

Amongst the top 10 invested super unicorn enterprises listed in the report, five are partners of Shougang Fund Company, namely Sequoia China, Matrix Partners China, Qiming Venture Partners, Shunwei Capital and ZhenFund.

As a trustworthy asset investment and operator, Shougang Fund Company adheres to the concept of “doing what it thinks is right, and doing it without distracting thoughts” and insists on “accompanying entrepreneurs to grow and becoming both a major shareholder and a good partner”. In recent years, Shougang Fund Company has directly or indirectly invested in nearly 20 unicorn enterprises, and established cooperative relations with many investment institutions whose investments cover unicorn enterprises. In addition, it has achieved remarkable results in promoting the in-depth integration of industry and finance.

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