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Beijing 12th National Fitness & Sports Festival Opens in Shougang Park

Release Time:2019-07-30 10:12:37




On April 20th, the Beijing 12th National Fitness & Sports Festival, with the theme of “Dream of a New Era, Wining the Future by Health”, opened at Shougang Beijing Park.

Meng Jun, Deputy Secretary-General of Beijing Municipal Government, attended and announced the opening of the Beijing 12th National Fitness & Sports Festival; Zhao Wen, Director General of Beij ing Municipal Bureau of Sports and Director of the Organizing Committee of this Sports Festival, delivered the opening address. Yang Haibin, Deputy Director General of Beijing Municipal Bureau of Sports presided over the ceremony; Zhang Yu, a member of the Beijing women’s volleyball team, read the citizen’s proposal. Chen Zhichang, Deputy Secretary of the Shijingshan District CPC Committee, Zhou Jing, Vice President of Beijing Women’s Federation, Zuo Xiaobing, Deputy Head of Shijingshan District, Liu Zejun, Deputy Inspector of the Beijin g Municipal Health Commission, Guo Zhibin, Deputy Inspector of Beijing  Municipal Disabled Persons’ Federation, Liang Jie, leader of Shougang Group, and more attended the opening ceremony. The Publicity Department of the Municipal CPC Committee, the Capital Civilization Office, the Municipal Education Committee, the Municipal Ethnic Religious Committee, the Beiji ng Gardening and Greening Bureau, the League Municipal CPC Committee, Beijing Sports Fe deration and other units, as well as more than 3,000 fitness enthusiasts, attended the opening ceremony.

The opening ceremony of the Sports Festival was held in the support unit Shougang Park, the office location for the Organizing Committee of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games, sponsored by the Organizing Committee of the 12th National Fitness & Sports Festival, People’s Government of Shijingshan District, and Shougang Group, and organized by Beijing Social Sports Management Center, Beijing Sports Federation Secretariat, Shijingshan District Sports Bureau and Beijing Shougang Park Sports Center Operations Management Co., Ltd. Shougang Park is an important support for the implementation of the capital’s functional positioning, and is also an important regional functional node of the new version of “General Planning of Beijing”. Bach, President of the International Olympic Committee, praised the park as a “stunning” example of urban planning and renewal. It has successfully organized events such as the finals of the Chinese figure skating club league, the national curling training team qualifiers, and the first winter games of Beijing. The past iron and steel dragon of the capital is full of the elements and rhythm of sports. The opening ceremony was set in the square east of Shougang Ice Hockey Hall. The 9th set of broadcast gymnastics shown by 200 representatives of citizens at the scene opened the curtain of a nationwide fitness boom in 2019 in Beijing.

After the opening ceremony, the leaders and guests participated in the healthy walking and running activity of citizens, and shared the pleasure of fitness with 900 fitness fans from 16 districts of the city and Yanshan Area, and the economic and technological development zone. Along the way, 37 national fitness events such as aerobics, martial arts, extreme sports, ethnic sports, disabled sports, simulated skiing, and “Beijing Records” Carnival were both diverse and colorful.

It is reported that the Sports Festival will be held in the city from April to August, which will make it the national fitness sports event with the largest scale, the widest influence, the widest coverage, and the richest content in the city. The Beijing “Harmony Cup” Table Tennis Competition, Beijing Sports Congress, Beijing International Long Distance Running Festival, Beijing Half-Marathon, National Fitness “Beijing Records” Challenge, Beijing Youth Championships, Beijing Municipal Social Football Series, and a series of sports events represented by ten major brand events, such as the 36th Baidu Cup Football Match, Dragon Boat Race at Beijing Dragon Boat Festival, Beijing Citizen Badminton Challenge, Beijing Fitness Dance Competition, and Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Youth Summer Skiing Challenge will be held, including 39 international, national, and inter-provincial events, 110 municipal sports events, 207 district-level sports events, as well as many national fitness competitions and activities held by grassroots sports organizations, showing the diversity of sports. In addition, many grass-roots sports organizations organized national fitness competitions and activities, showing the diversity of sports festival events. Through holding sports festival events, Shougang will further implement the “Beijing National Fitness Regulations”, “Beijing National Fitness Implementation Plan (2016-2020)” and the “Opinions of the Beijing Municipal People’s Government on Speeding up the Development of Ice and Snow Sports (2016-2022)” to meet the fitness needs of the citizens of the capital, create a good social atmosphere for all citizens to enjoy the Sports Festival, build a healthy Beijing, and celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China with a colorful sports festival.

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