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Adhere to “Both Quantity and Quality, Improvement in Stability” Shougang Group’s Development Contract Volume Exceeds 2.9 Billion Yuan in the First Q

Release Time:2019-07-25 09:42:07

Shougang Group adheres to the problem-oriented approach, focuses on the goal of “three victories” to improve weak links, takes targeted measures, pays close attention to the collection and follow-up of project information, and firmly sets up the consciousness of submitting accounts to achieve “taking the responsibility of conserving the earth with due diligence”. By the end of March, Shougang Group had completed development contract volume of more than 2.9 billion yuan, which laid a solid foundation for the operation and development of Shougang Group in 2019.

This year is the key year to put the 13th Five-year Plan into action. Shougang Group adheres to starting with the development indicators of the whole year, firmly establishes the consciousness of submitting accounts with “both quantity and quality”, and takes diversification and expansion of the market as the concept to enhance the competitiveness of the enterprise in an all-round way. The Group takes social market development as its main direction, adheres to “improvement in stability”; aims for “high quality,” and stores up for the “winter”.

Focus on the social market, and continue to adhere to the concept of large projects and large owners. Stable social market is the main direction of Shougang Group’s long-term development: large markets, large projects, and large owners are the key to the formation of high-quality and high-scale development of the Group. In 2019, the social market development of Shougang Group ensures the expected target of more than 4 billion yuan.

We will strengthen the cultivation of new industries and new areas, and effectively support the transformation and development of Shougang Group. New industries and new areas of the market are the link to “increase the vitality of enterprises”. In combination with the development goals proposed by the State Council and the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, namely “strive to make prefabricated buildings account for 30% of new buildings within 10 years” and “make prefabricated buildings account for more than 15% of new buildings nationwide by 2020, among which more than 20% should be promoted in key regions”, as well as Shougang Group’s concept of “accelerating transformation and development”, and accelerating the cultivation pace of strengthening the environment industry, static transportation, and real estate industry, Shougang Group continues to expand new industries and new areas of the market in order to form the core competitiveness, and adapt to the pace of enterprise development.

Strengthen and expand municipal business. Most municipal business is dominated by the government, with strong profitability, which is the preferred module for the formation of core competitiveness. Since Shougang Group established the municipal company in 2016, it has begun to take shape, but there are relatively many internal projects in Shougang which have not really moved towards society. In 2019, combined with the adjusted “13th Five-year Plan”, taking advantage of the great opportunity for the construction of key municipal projects, such as urban road network encryption, rail transit, integrated pipe gallery and drainage, and waterlogging control in China, Shougang Group and the municipal company will consciously strengthen the development of social and municipal business, in order to assist the municipal sector and to make steady progress in the direction of making it stronger and larger. 

Build the service park and stand firm in the internal market. The “General Planning of Beijing” has given New Shougang Area the position of “building a new landmark for the revival of the capital city” and the municipal government has attached great importance to it and set up a construction leading group. This is a great opportunity for Shougang Group to complete the north district renovation by 2021 with high quality at the time node of the Winter Olympic Games.

Adhere to “Belt and Road” Initiative, strengthen overseas market development. In order to ensure the sustainable development of the overseas market, in 2018, Shougang Group increased its management strength and set up an overseas business department. In 2019, the overseas market development work aims at “ensuring quantity and improving quality”. In this regard, the overseas business department has strengthened its research on foreign markets and led various units engaged in overseas operations to extensively collect information, formulate reasonable strategies, and unify deployment arrangements, with a special focus on advancing the EAC hotel project and Sri Lankan projects that are expected to be signed, and perfecting procedures to complete the signing as soon as possible. 

Continue to do a good job in project performance management and owner maintenance and to improve the transformation and upgrading of overseas project contracting mode. In addition, the overseas business department should coordinate and integrate the internal and external resources, extend the development work to the front and back of the project, improve the overall controllability of the project, and at the same time combine its own advantages to develop the metallurgical market consciously. Shougang Construction Institute should make full use of the professional characteristics, play a leading role, and enhance the “EPC” general contracting capacity. We should continue to strengthen the risk control of overseas projects. The overseas market changes rapidly, with uncontrollable factors, so the overseas business departments should conduct more in-depth management, leading the implementation unit to guard the entrance.

Strengthen cooperation with famous enterprises to stabilize the inherent market. Over the years, Shougang Group has cooperated with Vanke, Longhu, Citic Con struction, and CATI C to add a lot of high-quality projects for the enterprise, and trained a pool of outstanding talent. We will continue to maintain momentum and enhance cooperation.

Conduct strict quality management and improve service quality so as to make steady progress in the maintenance market. The market is constantly changing, and although the iron and steel industry continues to be depressed for several consecutive years, the maintenance market of Shougang Group tends to be stable. In 2019, we should maintain the situation of the maintenance spare parts market and strive to maintain a steady increase in the market.

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