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Shougang’s High-End Bridge Steel Plates are Used in the Padma Bridge in Bangladesh

Release Time:2019-04-26 08:16:41

Episode 5, “Blood Is Always Hot”, of the full-length TV documentary “Let’s Spend ——the 40th Anniversary of Saluting the Reform and Opening-up”, jointly directed by the Publicity Department of the CPC Central Committee and the Central Radio and TV General Station, reports that Chinese enterprises worked together to challenge the top-level overseas project——the Padma Bridge in Bangladesh. It is reported that Shouqin provided the Padma Bridge with two-thirds of the high-end bridge plates, with a supply of 75,700 tons, so Shouqin becomes the steel mill signing the most contracts.

The Padma Bridge spans the Padma River, the largest river in South Asia, and is known by local residents as the “bridge of dreams”. With a total length of 6,150 meters, it is one of the important channels connecting China, Southeast Asia and the “Trans-Asian Railway” in South Asia. What’s more, it is an important traffic fulcrum project of the “Belt and Road” Initiative of China, the largest overseas bridge project built by Chinese enterprises, and even one of the bridges with the most special geology and the most difficult foundation construction in the world.

High quality and standards were required to an unprecedented extent, and the competition among companies participating in bidding was fierce. At last, Shouqin successfully won the bidding by virtue of its good “manufacturing + services” and officially signed the Supply Contract for the Padma Road-Rail Bridge Project with China Railway Major Bridge Engineering on July 15th, 2014. Per the contract, Shouqin is responsible for the production of those of the most difficult technology and the greatest thickness. In order to ensure high quality and standards, Shouqin actively adopted the bridge steel technology to accumulate its research and development ability. Based on its equipment advantages of the production line of 4,300 millimeters, it overcame difficulties and made innovations. At the same time, scientific organization, reasonable arrangement, and orderly supply in batches effectively ensured its construction progress on the Padma Bridge.

Due to the Padma Bridge project in Bangladesh, Shougang successfully developed the S420ML super-thick bridge steel of 115 millimeters, the greatest thickness under the TMCP state, filling the gap in the industry and making breakthroughs in the development of super-thick bridge steel. The successful development of the weathering resistant bridge steel Q420qFNH which is suitable for alpine regions can be used in the extreme high and cold environment of 60 degrees below zero. It is currently the bridge steel best designed to be used in the environments with the lowest temperatures in the world. Due to the successful research, development and application in key projects at home and abroad of super-thick and weathering resistant bridge steel, Shougang’s bridge steel is comfortably in the lead in China.

So far, a total of more than 1.3 million tons of Shougang bridge steel has been used in 100-odd bridges at home and abroad. From 2015 to 2017, Shougang bridge steel’s market share had remained in first place for 3 consecutive years in China, and 550,000 tons of high-performance bridge steel had been supplied in total. What’s more, its high-strength bridge steel’s market share of 420 MPa and above has been over 81%.

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