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Fortune China Released Its 2018 List Shougang Was Again Named the Most Influential Innovative Company of China

Release Time:2019-04-12 16:48:35

Fortune China recently released the “Ranking of China’s Most Influential Innovative Companies in 2018”, and Shougang Group was ranked 18th on the list. This is the second year in a row that Shougang has appeared on the list. Its ranking this year is up 12 places from last year.

In 2018, the Party Committee of the Group united and led the broad masses of cadres and workers to continue to deepen reform and innovation with marketization as the core, to improve the quality and efficiency of transformation and development in an all-around way. The Group’s operating income exceeded 200 billion yuan, and its profits reached a new high. It is the seventh time that it has appeared on the list of the worlds’ top 500 companies. Scientific and technological innovation has continuously contributed to 108 scientific and technological achievements, of which 21 have reached the international advanced level. The Group has won 14 scientific and technological awards above the provincial and ministerial level, among which, the project “Development and Application of Complete Technology of Key Materials for Metal Structures for Super-Large Hydropower Stations” won the second prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award. The Group has obtained 544 patent authorizations and presided over the revision of 13 national standards. Six companies of shares, cold rolling and others are recognized as national-level high-tech companies. Significant progress has been made in technology, with total recovery of gas and dust from top material tanks of blast furnaces and zero emissions technology to fill in the blanks of the metallurgical industry, and the low-temperature tapping technology of Jingtang converter has reached the international advanced level. The market share for automotive plate, electrical steel, tinplate, and other strategic products have all reached the top three in China. 2 oriented electrical steel products were first launched globally, and 7 products such as high-strength automotive plates were first launched domestically. The reform of the R & D system of “one institute and multiple centers” has been carried out, and scientific and technological innovation measures have been continuously improved. It has been awarded with the highest rating of “A+” for strong competitiveness. The competitive advantage of the steel and iron industry has been further strengthened. The vitality of the Beijing Park is evident. The first 5G demonstration park co-built by Unicom, industrial park of AI innovation application co-built by Zhongguancun, ice and snow industry incubator co-built by IDG, and urban science and technology services inject vitality into the transformation and upgrading of the old industrial zone.

Fortune China has cooperated with A.T. Ke arney to launch the ranking of China’s most influential innovative companies for two consecutive years, in an effort to identify companies who are leading in scale, making progress in innovation, and even having cross-industry influence. The 2018 selection was distributed to 72,834 Chinese business managers, and respondents assessed mainly 359 Chinese companies from China’s top 500 companies and the world’s top 500 companies from the angle of innovation strategies, innovation culture, innovation areas, and the impact of innovation strategies and behaviors. Among them, 52 companies made the list, with Huawei, Alibaba and Xiaomi Technology in the top three. There are a total of four iron and steel companies on the list, and the other three are Baowu, Angang and Shagang, ranking 10th, 44th and 49th respectively.

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