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With 38 Key Tasks and 90 Major Projects, New Shougang Three-Year Action Plan Is Released

Release Time:2019-04-09 09:19:29

On February 13th, the Beijing Municipal Government Information Office, Municipal Development and Reform Commission, and other departments jointly issued the “Action Plan for Accelerating the Development and Construction of the New Shougang High-End Industrial Integrated Service Area to Build a New Landmark of Capital City Revival in the New Era (2019-2021)” (hereafter referred to as the “Action Plan”) and unscrambled it.

Hong Jiyuan, Deputy Director of Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission, Shi Weiliang, Chief Planner of Beijing Municipal Planning and Natural Resources Committee and Director of Beijing Urban Planning and Design Research Institute, Wang Shizhong, Deputy General Manager of Shougang Group, Ke Yongguo, First Deputy Chief of Shijingshan District Government, Xiao Huili, First Deputy Chief of Fengtai District Government, and Peng Lifeng, First Deputy Chief of Mentougou District Government, attended the conference. Hong Jiyuan, Shi Weiliang, Wang Shizhong, and Ke Yongguo introduced the overall situation and related contents of the Action Plan and gave interviews with the media. Xinhua News Agency, Beijing Daily, BTV, and other media asked questions about the content of the Action Plan.

With 38 key tasks and 90 major projects, the Action Plan will be the most powerful action guide for the development of the new Shougang over the next three years. Through a series of measures, New Shougang will achieve cultural revival, industrial revival, ecological revival, and vigorous revival to build a new landmark of capital city revival in the new era.

The New Shougang High-End Industrial Integrated Service Area (referred to as “New Shougang Area”) covers “three areas and one factory”: the Shougang main plant area, Shougang special steel area and north Xin’an region, Shougang Ertong factory and surrounding areas, Shougang Yinai and surrounding areas, Shougang foundry, former Shougang secondary construction plant and its surrounding areas and riverside area in Mentougou District, with a total area of 22.3 square kilometers, among which, Shougang’s main plant covers an area of about 7.8 square kilometers.

The development goals set out in the Action Plan are: by 2021, with the opportunity of providing services for the Winter Olympic Games, the construction tasks of the north and southeast regions of Shougang will be completed with high quality, and the basic work for the development of the south region will be fully completed, the regional environmental features, major infrastructure, and overall urban functions will be improved in an all-around way, the transformation of concentrated shantytowns around the region will be fully completed, the landscape of Chang’an Street and Yongding River will be significantly improved, the coordination of economic and social development in the “three areas and one plant” will be obviously enhanced and the construction of a new landmark for urban revival will have achieved phased results. 

By around 2035, the influence of New Shougang Area in capital city development patterns will be enhanced in an all-around way, and the linkage effect between Shougang and Caofeidian will be fully demonstrated. New Shougang Area will become a demonstration zone for the green transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, a high-end industrial innovation highland in western Beijing, and a post-industrial culture and sports creative base, which will be built into a new landmark of capital city revival in the new era with globally demonstrative significance.

Development characteristics: highlight the requirements of high-quality development. Continue to reduce quantity and increase green areas and develop in an orderly manner. Actively explore the path of urban organic renewal. Highlight the protection and reuse of industrial remains. Protect and use industrial relics as much as possible, without large-scale demolition and construction. Give prominence to services for the Winter Olympics. Take the lead in the application of the science and technology Winter Olympics pilot, and cultivate high-end featured cultural, science, technology, and sports exhibitions. Highlight the sense of mass gain of “three areas and one plant”. Improve the conditions of mass travel in the west and encourage social capital to establish international hospitals and characteristic schools.

In order to achieve these development goals, the Action Plan identifies four major paths and eight key tasks.

The four main paths are: first, promote cultural fusion and inheritance to encourage cultural revival; second, guide innovation-driven development to facilitate industrial revival; third, pay attention to ecological restoration and governance to achieve ecological revival; and fourth, persist in joint construction, governance, and sharing to make vigorous revival possible. 

The eight key tasks are: first, improve the regional planning system, draw a blueprint for high-quality development, innovate the urban renewal planning control system, and strictly implement the list of new industrial prohibitions and restrictions; second, construct Winter Olympic Games venues with high standards, do a good job of guaranteeing service, complete the Shougang ski jumping platform and the winter training center of the State General Administration of Sports with high quality, and improve the traffic network and supporting facilities around the events; third, plan the construction of convenient and efficient infrastructure, improve urban carrying capacity, accelerate the planning and construction of rail transit, improve the quality of Shougang’s surrounding environment, and promote the transformation of shanty towns; fourth, strengthen the reuse of industrial relics to promote the development of cultural heritage, complete the transformation project of the No. 3 blast furnace, and promote the construction of the urban section of the Yongding River cultural belt in Xishan; fifth, expand green ecological space, build high-level green ecological patterns in the west of Beijing, build the Shijingshan landscape park, and complete the transformation of Xiuchi and Qunming Lake; sixth, construct internationally characteristic industrial ecology, release the vitality of industrial transformation, promote the integration of Jin’anqiao traffic and the renovation and transformation of industrial relics and the construction of city weaving and innovation workshop, the Ertong cultural and creative industry building, and so on; seventh, make efforts to promote the construction of an international talent pool, create a high-quality suitable environment for living and working, draw up the implementation plan for the construction of the new Shougang international talent pool, and construct the supporting facilities for the international modern life, and eighth, pay attention to the collection of resource elements, plan ahead of time for sustainable development after the games, plan and build the Olympic official partner experience area, well-known sports and cultural brand stores, and do a good job in the utilization of the heritage of the Winter Olympic Games.

Blast furnace, factory building, silo, and corridor tell about the “iron and steel” past of Beijing Park of Shougang, while the flourishing and vibrant Xishi Winter Olympic Square, the “Four-Piece-of-Ice” National Winter Training Center, and the suspended glass landscape platform on the top of the No. 3 blast furnace, Holiday Hotel selected as Shougang’s worker dormitory, and other reconstruction projects present a new modern and fashionable image after the rebirth of industrial relics. Shougang Park, which has both profound culture and “good looks”, radiates vitality and vigor, displays infinite charm, and attracts the world’s attention in the course of the transformation between the new and the old. In just a few years, Shougang’s people have drawn a brilliant, thriving picture scroll with struggle. 

In the next three years, Shougang’s people will make efforts to constantly explore practice, strive for progress, fully implement the three-year Action Plan of the new Shougang with a sense of mission and responsibility, and will do our best to create a new landmark for the revival of the capital city in the new era, and write a new chapter in the development of Shougang in the past century with tangible results of urban renewal services, and down-to-earth and ambitious practical actions.

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