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Dedicated to the Deep Integration of New Economy and Traditional Industry, the First Training of Starts in Shougang Park

Release Time:2019-04-02 08:38:07

At the beginning of the New Year, 60 founders and CEOs from different industries of the new economy gathered in Shougang Beijing Park, which has a history of 100 years, for the opening ceremony and the first monthly course of Through the closed learning in the Shougang Dream Incubator for Overseas Chinese, they personally felt the steel legend and cultural charm of the transformation of the new and old kinetic energy in the old factory area of Shougang, and collided with the innovative spark of the integration of traditional industry and new economy.

Sponsored by Matrix China, this training course gathers 60 elite students from the new generation of entrepreneurs and founders of new economic enterprises in various industries in China, including Peng Xiaobo, Chairman and General Manager of Beijing iSpace, which is the pioneer in commercial space rockets and the first player in 5 projects of private commercial space travel, Wei Jiancang, CEO of Sublue, which is a leading high-tech private company engaged in the research and development of a full range of underwater vehicles, and Feng Jiefu, CEO of Cloud Pick, which is the only company to offer a payment retail solution for B-end. Living and studying in Shougang Park during the two-day closed study, they saw the former 100-year iron and steel production plant transformed into a modern office of the Winter Olympic Organizing Committee, the transformed and new lofty blast furnace and a boutique hotel full of industrial style, and listened to the introduction of the first 5G Demonstration Park built by Shougang and Unicom and the artificial intelligence innovation and application industrial park built by Shougang and Zhongguancun. They were deeply infected by the vigor and vitality of Shougang Park. They said that Shougang Park was like “an old tree blossoming with new flowers,” and that it was a vivid portrayal of the integration and innovation of traditional economy and new economy. It was very rare for them to start this learning journey here. It could stimulate them to burst out with new innovative inspiration in the space and time of history, find a fit point for the integration of the traditional industry and new economy, and provide a useful reference for the better promotion of the deep integration of the traditional industry and new economy.

The first six-month training course of was held in Shougang Park three times. Several influential CEOs and scholars of successful start-up companies were invited to serve as teaching fellows. Combining theory with their practical experience, they talked about financing, partnership and how to do a good job in enterprise growth, and also promoted students’ mutual integration and help through innovative methods in this course, so as to provide more experience for the founders in these new economic fields and make sure that they keep the wealth created by experience correctly.

Matrix Partners, focusing on early and medium-term investment, is the top venture capital institution in China. The companies it has invested in include DiDi, MOMO,, Guazi,, and others. The introduction of the activity of was a continuation of the training and empowerment of Shougang Fund Company for new economic enterprises and was aimed at making new contributions to the deep integration of traditional industries and new economy.

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