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The “Detailed Planning” of North Shougang Park Wins the First Prize for National Excellent Urban and Rural Planning and Design

Release Time:2019-03-29 13:33:49

The China Association of City Planning recently announced the results of the 2017 National Excellent Urban and Rural Planning and Design Award. The “Transformation and Development Planning Practice of Shougang Old Industrial Zone – North Park Detailed Planning” project won the first prize of the 2017 National Excellent Urban and Rural Planning and Design Award (City Planning), ranking third among 29 projects which won the first prize in the whole country, second only to urban overall planning projects Beijing Urban Overall Planning (2016-2035) and Shanghai Urban Overall Planning (2017-2035). The award is also the highest award in the field of national urban and rural planning and design after “Detailed Planning of North Shougang Park” won the first prize of the 2017 Beijing Excellent Urban and Rural Planning and Design. It is a recognition of the innovative planning concept and methods of Shougang Park, indicating that the project has reached an advanced level in China.

The “Detailed Planning of North Shougang Park” is designed based on General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speeches in two important inspections of Beijing. Taking “innovation, repair, vitality, green and wisdom” as its core concepts and characteristics, it closely combines with the new edition of Beijing urban overall planning, puts “reducing quantity and improving quality, keeping reserved space and increasing the green area” into practice and takes “‘multi-planning integration’ of promoting the control detailed planning level” as its design condition and refined management basis. The planning was formulated on the basis of the “Control Detailed Planning of New Shougang High-end Industrial Integrated Service Area”, which was approved in 2011, and combined with more than 10 special planning and research results, such as Shougang’s urban landscape, urban design and green ecology, and at the same time, carries out relevant optimization and improvement based on the implementation of the North Park. The planning innovatively proposes a differentiated strategy to continue the overall characteristics and features of the Shougang old industrial zone, delimit the core protection areas with preservation as the priority, encourage activation, and carry out “conservation repair”. The feature inheritance area is mainly used for “growth type construction”. At the same time, it explores the “integration of multiple rules and regulations” at the level of control and regulation, establishes a unified planning and control system, and forms a comprehensive management and control system for the plan + site design appendix + architectural style annex + green ecology appendix + underground space annex, which integrates multiple plans and draws a blueprint.

It is reported that Shougang Construction Investment Co., Ltd., in accordance with the “Notice of China Association of City Planning on Organizing the 2017 National Excellent Urban and Rural Planning and Design Award”, actively cooperated with the Beijing Municipal Institute of City Planning & Design to prepare the application materials for the detailed planning project of North Shougang Park and worked with many design teams participating in Shougang’s planning projects to complete its declaration in January 2018.

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