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Shougang Won the “Excellent Cooperative Performance Award” Presented by Chery Automobile

Release Time:2019-03-25 08:55:25

On January 16th, Chery Automobile hosted the 2019 Annual Meeting of Supply Chain Partners. Shougang won the “Excellent Cooperative Performance Award”, becoming the only iron and steel enterprise to receive this honor.

Chery Automobile Co., Ltd. is one of the representative independent brand automobile enterprises that has grown up after the reform and opening up in our country. Chery Automobile has now formed a nationwide automobile industry layout, including Dalian, Kaifeng, Guiyang, Ordos, Wuhu, and other cities.

Shougang has maintained a close relationship with Chery Automobile since January 2013. It invests in the Baogang-Shougang-Chery processing center with Chery and Baogang, which is responsible for the procurement, processing and other business items of Chery Ordos Base. In order to provide more professional and rapid services, Shougang set up a factory representative for Chery to provide continuous services. Through various cooperation and efforts, it has had a cumulative supply of more than 200,000 tonnes of goods to Ordos Base so far.

This honor from Chery, another major independent brand automobile enterprise in China, is the recognition of all of Shougang’s work after the Great Wall Automobile and the Geely Automobile, adding confidence in Shougang’s automobile sheet to climb the peak bravely and create more brilliance and injecting power for the Shougang marketing service team to go forward constantly and boldly. The Shougang marketing service team said that in the future Shougang would continue to practice the “customer first, service first” concept, thank its customers with professional service and high-quality products, and go side by side with them to create brilliance.

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