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Project Led by Shougang Won the Second Prize of the State Science and Technology Progress Award

Release Time:2019-03-22 14:10:24

“As one of the scientific and technological personnel of Shougang, I’ve been greatly inspired and encouraged by General Secretary Xi Jinping’s cordial reception.” Speaking of the 2018 State Science and Technology Award Conference he attended on January 8th, Zhou Deguang, Vice General Manager of Jingtang Company and winner of the Shougang Special Science and Technology Contribution Award, is still very excited. At the conference, the project “Development and Application of Complete Technology for Key Materials of Metal Structures for Super Large Hydropower Stations,” led by Shougang Group, won the second prize of the  State Science and Technology Progress Award. Zhou Deguang and Zou Yang from the Shougang Research Institute of Technology participated in the conference held in the Great Hall of the People as project representatives.

Zhou Deguang told reporters in an interview: “It took us more than 10 years for the R&D, promotion and application of the project. It’s very rare and difficult to win the second prize of State Science and Technology Progress Award. As a representative, I’m very proud to attend the State Science and Technology Award Conference. This is not my personal honor. It’s a recognition for and encouragement to our R&D team’s long-term efforts over the years, the result of the group’s strong support, solidarity, and cooperation, and a manifestation of Shougang’s vigorous promotion of scientific and technological innovation over the years. With this driving force, we should forge ahead, always maintain the industry’s leading level, continue to develop cutting-edge science and technology, and make new achievements.”

“Development and Application of Complete Technology for Key Materials of Metal Structures for Super Large Hydropower Stations” is the only project led by an iron and steel enterprise among the award winners. The project was carried out by 7 organizations, including Shougang Group and Shouqin Company, to which it belongs, in conjunction with the University of Science and Technology Beijing, Sinohydro Bureau 7 Co., Ltd. and Huadong Engineering Corporation Limited of Power China, to solve key technical difficulties in the application of key materials for metal structures for super large hydropower stations and form a joint independent innovation team for “production, learning, research and utilization". The main innovation team, gathering the innovative wisdom of the whole industry chain, has made significant breakthroughs in material design and development, key production technology, key welding materials, and application technology. It has developed a complete set of key materials technology for metal structures of super large hydropower stations, especially 800MPa-grade steel plate with high weldability, 150-millimeter super heavy plate, matching welding materials and high-efficiency welding technology adapted to large heat input, reaching the international leading level.

The series of products developed had the largest market share in the past 10 years and the market share of the 150-millimeter special heavy plate was 100%. They have been successfully applied to 31 super large hydropower stations and other major hydropower projects at home and abroad. Among them, 8 are located along the “Belt and Road.” They have become a national calling card for China’s manufacturing industry, showing the achievements and scientific and technological strength of the group’s continuous optimization of technological innovation systems, and contributing “Shougang strength” to enhance the core competitiveness of China’s manufacturing industry. 

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