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BWI Group Wins the “Excellent Supplier” Award From Dongfeng Honda Again

Release Time:2019-03-20 08:03:44

Recently, Dongfeng Honda Automobile Co., Ltd. held the 2018 Supplier Conference in Chongqing. At the meeting, BWI Group was rated as an “excellent supplier”. It’s the second time that BWI Group has won the “Excellent Supplier” Award from Dongfeng Honda, following the first time in 2017.

Every year, Dongfeng Honda Company chooses from more than 700 suppliers with high comprehensive evaluation in quality systems, quality performance, capacity assurance, manufacturing management, and cost control and commends them. BWI Group has now won the “Excellent Supplier” Award of Dongfeng Honda for two consecutive years. This shows that BWI Group has achieved remarkable results in its reform, innovation and continuous improvement measures, and reflects Dongfeng Honda’s comprehensive recognition of BWI Group in quality management, capacity assurance, manufacturing management, cost control and other aspects. It is of great significance to enhance the brand image of BWI Group and its market influence.

The cooperation between BWI Group and Dongfeng Honda began in 2016. The Fangshan factory of BWI Group provides the entire set of shock absorber modules to the Dongfeng Honda Civic project. At present, Dongfeng Honda has become the biggest customer of BWI Group’s Fangshan factory.

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