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Shougang Group Wins the Outstanding Organization Award of Beijing’s “Safe Production Month”

Release Time:2019-02-11 08:31:47

Recently, at the awards ceremony of the "2018 Safety Supervision Stars • Beijing Model" theme event and the Summing-up Meeting of Beijing’s "Safe Production Month" event held by the Beijing Municipal Administration of Work Safety and the Office of the Cultural Spiritual Construction Committee of the Capital, Shougang Group won the outstanding organization award of Beijing’s “Safe Production Month”, Shougang News Center won the Excellent News Report Award of Beijing’s “Safe Production Month” in 2018, and Luan Xiaowen, editor of Shougang News Center, won the Excellent News Personal Report Award of the “Safe Production Month”.

In 2018, in accordance with the requirements of the “Safe Production Month” event in Beijing, various departments and units of Shougang Group organized a series of “Safe Production Month” activities in various forms and with characteristics. Since the launch of the activities, Shougang News Center has organized and reported the Company's safety production work and the experience and practices of various units in the work of safety production through multiple channels and ways such as news in newspapers, awarded soliciting of articles or essays on safety, special columns for safety publicity, and publishing on the WeChat official account and group website, which has formed a good atmosphere of public opinion.

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