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A 100-year-old Shougang in Its Prime New Year’s Message of 2019

Release Time:2019-02-03 09:01:06

As 2018 came to an end, we greet 2019.

When the morning dawned bright and warm at another turning of the year, every staff member from Shougang was filled with excitement, no matter where they were, be it from the foot of Shijing Mountain to the coast of Bohai Sea, from the North to the South, or from home to abroad. They were all paying salute to such a thrilling moment - the 100th anniversary of Shougang.

The world progresses as Time, the greatest writer ever that leaves traces in all lives, goes by. When it comes to profound historical turning points, Men as a witness of all seem less capable of sensing it than expected. Therefore, they are often slow at and shocked by the transformations Time has made happen.

Looking back, it could have been beyond imagination to even think about a centenary. 100 years ago, the Company was started by the founders of Shougang who were laborious factory workers at the foot of Shijing Mountain and along the bank of Yongding River. These hard-working men, with the desire to survive as well as the expectation of future life, regarded the newly founded enterprise as their own child and all they had got. Their whole life was dedicated to its growth, but a developed Shougang remained a dream that had yet come true when they departed from the world.

However, as time passes by, the picture of a 100-year-old Shougang becomes clearer and fuller. After the birth of the new China, the staff that followed determined to serve the nation with the idea of Shougang as an industrial pioneer. When so many changes have been brought about such as the reform and opening up, the exploration of “contract system” and the decision of “large-scale relocation”, the Company has developed into one of the world’s top 500 companies that does business across industries, regions, nations and ownerships. It is now striding toward the goal of being a comprehensive large-scale enterprise group with world influence.

As Shougang staff members, we should realize that we are so much more fortunate than the predecessors to find ourselves at such a vital historical turning point. At this moment, every one of us should take time to feel grateful and honor generations upon generations of devoted Shougang people. To turn around and look back will bring us inspirations and light up the path ahead. With the cherishing memories of the role models and the Company’s history, we should commit ourselves to the solemn mission passed on by the founders with wisdom and passion.

During its development, one thing will remain updated and everlasting: Shougang’s commitment to patriotism, courage, persistence, hard work, sense of responsibility, innovation and the boldness to take the lead. Bearing this important message within the heart, we must seize the opportunity of the times and build a new Shougang to live up to the expectations of the forefathers with more solid efforts. Let such a commitment drive us to pursue loyal and excellent work and inspire us to lead a better life with wisdom and diligence.

The 100-year-old Shougang has still more potential to unleash. The baton of history has been passed on to Shougang staff in the new era. We have to take on responsibilities with persistence to carry forward the cause pioneered by our predecessors and forge ahead into the future. A new blueprint should be drawn and a new journey is under our feet - the establishment of a “independent, innovative, green and cultural Shougang”. Shougang Beijing Park will eventually rise as a new landmark of the capital city revival in the new era, and the Company will turn out to be a comprehensive large-scale enterprise group with world influence. When that day comes, the fascinating achievements created by our generation will forever be remembered.

The 100-year-old Shougang is in its prime. Let us look forward to an ever more prosperous Shougang and a brand new generation of courageous and dedicated Shougang people.

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