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The Launch Conference for New Mercedes-Benz Sedans in China is Held in Shougang Park

Release Time:2019-01-04 14:09:35


At 8 p.m. on November 23rd, the No. 3 BF area of Shougang Park was busy. After the transformation of the No. 3 BF, the “first show” was staged. On the No. 3 BF, the white and red lights enhanced each other’s beauty. The opening ceremony of the new China-listed long-axis A-class sedan of Mercedes-Benz was held. This is the world’s first iron-making blast furnace to hold a personalized launch event, creating a precedent for the transformation of large industrial structures into civilian buildings.

The No. 3 BF is located in the south of the Xishi Winter Olympic Square of Shougang, which is the most typical production line in the smelting system of the old plant area of Shougang. In the history of iron-making development of Shougang over nearly 100 years, the No. 3 BF is a “meritorious BF”, which has made great contributions to the national iron and steel industry. It is the epitome of modern industrial development in Beijing and the whole country, and the industrial memory of Beijing which has a history of nearly 100 years.

The conference perfectly integrated the industrial structure and style of Shougang’s No. 3 BF with the launch of the new sedan, which was young, fashionable and luxurious in science and technology. The conference was uniquely set in the blast furnace, demonstrating the charm of the new landmark for urban renewal in Beijing’s Shougang Park.

The conference site included four parts: signature area, cocktail buffet area, VR experience area and publishing area. There was trial booking, game interaction and VR experience and other links. The most important publishing area was set in the blast furnace.

People flowed into the blast furnace. The core industrial structures such as the main blast furnace part, the hot blast stove, the gravity dust collector and the dry dust collector stood around. With the cool visual effects of the scene and the dynamic rhythm of the music, the industrial relics in the blast furnace became living individuals, emitting the iron-making power and being full of the tension of industrial civilization and the coolness of modern technology. With the pioneering technology, guests could experience the immersive scene with fashionable and scientific sense.

At the conference, the new Mercedes-Benz A-class sedan debuted in a unique way around the second floor of the blast furnace, instantly making the audience excited and pushing the atmosphere to a climax in cheers. “The steel that went out of Shougang is back!” Shi Jing from the marketing center of Shougang Sales Company was so excited, “the newly released Mercedes-Benz uses Shougang’s auto panels which cover different steel grades from IF steel to DP800.” Shi Jing proudly said: “Shougang and Mercedes-Benz have cooperated since 2011. We began to supply in batches in 2015. The steel grade has reached 1,000 MPa. Under the guidance of Shougang’s strategy of ‘intelligent manufacturing + service’, we are confident that with quality products and service, Shougang’s auto panels will become the first choice for high-end brand cars.” The new Mercedes-Benz A-class sedan was born in the iron-making furnace, attracting the attention of many guests from all walks of life. The new and the old, as well as the history and the future got close to each other, merged with each other and passionately collided with each other, bringing a shocking industrial visual feast to the guests. At the time, the No. 3 BF was dyed red by the lights. The intricate internal steel frame was vigorous and powerful. The blue light columns emitted from the blast furnace illuminated the square. The light columns illuminated the dazzling new landmark, the national team’s short-track speed skating, figure skating, and curling training hall transformed from the clean coal workshop; the Gongshe Featured Hotel transformed from old industrial buildings, etc. In the future, Shougang Park will continue to renovate and revitalize to give new vitality to industrial relics. By integrating industrial relics with fashion culture, trendy sports and cutting-edge technology, the Shougang Park will be built into a modern urban function area with city history, steel production memory and future depiction of cities, and a vibrant charming place. That night, Shougang’s No. 3 BF was revived. Many people said on the internet that “this is what the Shougang Park in the new era should look like.” The blast furnace is the symbol of the iron and steel enterprises. Shougang’s No. 3 BF once created miracles with the world’s most advanced smelting technology and equipment. That night, a miracle happened again in this blast furnace with a height of 105 meters and a diameter of 80 meters. Generations of Shougang staff forge ahead and change the world on this century-old land, which once created and is continuing to create miracles. They are always passionate and aspiring. There may be a cry in their hearts, namely the lyrics at the conference that “this is the scene of the dream that we most want to see.”

The event was held on November 23rd and 24th, and more than 50 media personnel attended the event and had interviews. The WeChat public account of Shougang News Center conducted a live broadcast. As of press time, a total of 60,200 people had watched the live broadcast and video playback.

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