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Creating Excellent Project in the“Spirit of Craftsman”and Providing High-quality Services

Release Time:2019-01-02 14:18:32

Recently, group leaders Zhang Gongyan, Bai Xin, and Zhao Tianyang went to investigate the site of the parking garage project of the Beijing Daxing International Airport, and had an informal discussion with Gao Shiqing, the Deputy General Manager of the Capital Airports Holding, followed by others, who have attended by related heads of the Group’s Strategic Development Department, Shougang Fund, Beijing Shougang Automation Information Technology Co., Ltd., and the Chengyun Company.

In 2016, Leading Fair under Shougang Fund won the bid for the management right transfer project of the parking garage of the Beijing new airport. In the construction of the parking garage, in order to put it into use at the same time with the airport traffic, the Leading Fair strictly followed the principle of “guaranteeing the schedule, controlling the cost, digging the potential value, and creating the top quality”, as reversed the construction period and entered the site in advance. The part of the parking garage which was responsible for was launched in March 2018 and is expected to be completed in July 2019, lasting 376 days. Based on the core concept of “intelligence, diversity and intensity”, the parking garage of Beijing Daxing International Airport will be built into a world-class parking service platform with the development goal of “leading technology, people orientation and service innovation”, with the theme of “automobile, technology and display” to become the benchmark for innovative services in the airport parking field.

Zhang Gongyan investigated in the departure hall of the fourth floor of the terminal building and the construction site of the parking garage successively, listening to the construction progress, various functional divisions, operation preparation, inverted task construction period, investment promotion, and much more of the airport parking garage, with an addition of watching the new airport video and airport construction pictures at the video hall in front of the terminal building.

Standing on the north-south axis of the terminal building and facing north, they found it was the airport parking garage on both sides of the six-finger corridor facing the terminal building. When he came to the construction site of the parking garage, Zhang Gongyan listened to the report of the relevant personnel of the fund company and checked the site to learn more about the design planning, the construction quality, and the schedule of the construction period. When he learned that the parking garage was completed by Shougang project team in terms of the whole industrial chain from the investment, planning and designing to construction, management, and the operation, Zhang Gongyan affirmed it.

In the conference room of Daxing International Airport Command, Zhang Gongyan thanked the Capital Airports Holding for their support and help. He said, “Daxing International Airport is a major capital landmark project of the new era. As an airport service window, the parking garage directly serves the people. It’s the honor of Shougang to take part in its construction and operation, for such a project is a great trust in Shougang people. With a high sense of political responsibility and mission, we must go all out, strive for excellence, and complete the tasks undertaken by Shougang as scheduled and with high standards and levels, living up to the trust and support from all of the walks of life.

Zhang Gongyan pointed out: “First, we must learn the new concept of service in the world vision and with a wider view, master the management experience of advanced airports, implement refined management and humanized services to every link, and provide the best-quality service for domestic and foreign passengers with higher standards and better quality; second, we must adhere to intelligence and informatization of parking management, use advanced automation and information technology to improve service levels, and meet the demand for fast and convenient parking; third, we must adhere to and strictly observe the goal of completion on schedule, enhance the sense of responsibility and urgency, further refine the task, reverse the construction period, guarantee the node and the progress, and complete the tasks on time and in quality; fourth, we must grasp the construction quality in the “spirit of craftsman”, strictly control the quality from the details, treat each job with excellence and create excellent and high-quality projects to ensure that the high-level and high-standard parking garage is put to use.

Gao Shiqing said: “Shougang, as a large state-owned enterprise, boasts its strength and credibility. We are very confident in cooperation with Shougang. It is hoped that the two sides can coordinate as a whole and cooperate closely, be nervous and orderly and constantly unremitting, and successfully complete the tasks of the parking garage project, thus creating more opportunities for cooperation by working together to contribute to the construction of the capital “new state gate”.

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